Tri-State Tussle IV, Delaware Valley HS, Milford PA (10/13)

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Tri-State Tussle IV, Delaware Valley HS, Milford PA (10/13)

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We are happy to announce the fourth-annual Tri-State Tussle (TST4) on Saturday, October 13, 2018 at Delaware Valley High School in Milford, PA, which is just off Interstate 84, exit 53 in PA (GPS coordinates N 41° 20.992 W 074° 44.333). Our first three tournaments in this series have run very well, and we're confident participating teams are going to have a great time.

TST4 will be using NAQT's set 176-A this year, and hope that in addition to attracting the usual teams who compete that we'll be adding some Northeast PA schools emerging onto the pyramidal quiz bowl circuit. Computational Math questions won't be used for toss-ups, but we will be using Comp Math bonuses. Standard rules will be in effect (powers, negs, etc., with sudden death overtime) with ACF timing (five seconds for everything). We have a soft cap of 18 teams but can possibly add space to a hard cap of 24 teams if we have enough qualified staffers. Teams registering after we reach the cap will be added to our wait list.

The formatting of the tournament will include teams playing bracketed round robins in the morning, and rebracketing according to morning records for the afternoon rounds, pitting teams against other teams with a similar record. A final or advantaged final will be played as necessary, with trophies for top teams and book prizes for top scorers.

Tournament Pricing
Base fee will be $85 (second and subsequent teams from same school $70), with the following discounts applied, one each per school:
*Fully functioning buzzer: -$5/buzzer system
*Experienced moderator who reads at the tournament: -$20/moderator with pyramidal quiz bowl experience
*New to pyramidal quizbowl (to be verified with us when signing up): -$20
Checks for registration should be made out to Paul Nelson, 6100 Westchester Park Dr. Apt. 1716, College Park, MD 20740

Lunch Options
We will offer a pizza lunch for sale on site, to be ordered in advance. DV's chapter of FBLA will be on hand selling pizza, drinks and snacks. If you choose to order and have pizza delivered to you on site, they would like an order by October 6 and pay cash upon arrival at the competition. The tentative costs of the items are:
  • Plain large pizza pie - $15.00
    Pepperoni large pizza pie - $20.00
    2-liter bottle of soda - $2.00
    Flavors include: Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sprite, Root Beer
    Bottles of water - $1.00
Cups of soda and assorted snacks will be available throughout the competition for 50 cents.
There are also more fast-food options within a short drive of campus (McDonalds, Subway, Taco Bell, Roy Rogers, Wendy's). If you plan on leaving campus for lunch, be sure to notify us that you're doing so. In the best interest of the tournament’s goal to finish in a timely manner, we will expect everyone to be at the specified location on time. We will be reading questions to whomever is in place at the time we announce.

The Competition Day
Registration will be open at 8am just inside the DVHS 11/12 entrance. Teams ordering pizzas for lunch will be able to pay for them at that time. All teams' coaches and players should be on site at 8:30am at the latest, as we want to start introductory meetings for teams and staffers at 8:30am and start the first matches at 9:00am.
Everyone will play a bracketed round-robin of morning matches, most likely five rounds before we break for lunch. Going into the fifth round you'll be told what time the mid-tournament meeting will be held, when you'll receive your afternoon brackets. We'll also give out individual book prizes based on morning stats at that mid-tournament meeting. After that brief meeting, everyone will be playing their new brackets, with matches against teams of similar record from the morning. Depending on final team count, everyone will be guaranteed either nine or ten matches over the course of the day. We expect all teams to play out their full schedule before leaving to allow everyone to have the chance to play the matches they came to play.

The top 15% of teams will qualify for the High School National Championship Tournament (HSNCT) in Atlanta on Memorial Day weekend, May 24–26, and a certain proportion (TBA) of top finishing teams will qualify for PACE-NSC near Washington, DC. Top teams from small schools can also qualify for the Small School National Championship Tournament in Chicago, May 3–5. Individual and team statistics will be available soon after the tournament is over, and running stats will be posted throughout the day.

We've always had a smoothly running tournament at Tri-State Tussle, and it is our intent to make this fun, fair and a great experience for every player on every team. We look forward to having you all here at Delaware Valley High School on Saturday, October 13.

Kevin DeVizia & Paul Nelson
Delaware Valley High School
252 Route 6 & 209
Milford, PA 18337

To sign up, use the Google Form at

If you have questions, please post here or email us at [email protected] or [email protected].

FIELD UPDATE (# of teams / # of buzzers / # of moderators):
Wallenpaupack PA (3/2/1)
Wilton CT (1/0/0)
Ithaca NY (4/2/3)
Delaware Valley PA (4/X/4)
Berwick PA (2/1/1)
Camp Hill PA (1/1/1)
Greater Nanticoke PA (2/0/1)
Lakeland PA (2/1/1)
Troy NY (1/0/0)
Moravian PA (2/1/0)
Middletown NY (1/1/1)
Wilmington Charter DE (1/2/0)
Kevin DeVizia
Delaware Valley High School
Milford, PA