Dorman Fall Tournament November 9th(SCOP Novice and MS-31)

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Dorman Fall Tournament November 9th(SCOP Novice and MS-31)

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Dear Quizbowl/Academic Teams and Coaches:

Dorman High School would like to invite you to participate in our Dorman Fall Tournament (SCOP Novice Mirror & MS-31) on Saturday, November 9, 2019. Play will be using standard rules-powers, negs, and three-part bonuses that will bounce back. The registration fee is $60.00 per team, which includes one set of preliminary-round questions per school. There will be a $10.00 discount available for each additional team registered, a working buzzer, and a for a qualified moderator. If finances are a problem, please contact me and we can work together to come to an affordable agreement. We will have a Varsity, JV and Middle school division.

Lunch will be on site for $5.00 per player and complimentary for up to one coach per team.

Please use the following link to register for our tournament: ... w/viewform

Please email me at [email protected] with questions.
Cyrenna Moreno
Head Coach
Dorman High School