NEGFIVE II (2/29/20) @ North Hollywood High (North Hollywood, CA)

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NEGFIVE II (2/29/20) @ North Hollywood High (North Hollywood, CA)

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North Hollywood High's Quiz Bowl team is excited to announce NEGFIVE II on February 29th, 2020!

This will be a two-division tournament, having both Varsity and JV. Varsity will be using the IS-190 set and JV will be using IS-189A.

Time and Location:
The tournament will be hosted at our campus (5231 Colfax Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91601) in the Kennedy Building. Check-in will begin at 8:15 and rounds will promptly begin at 9:00 am.

Any player with 50+ ppg at a JV tournament, 30+ ppg at a Varsity tournament, or 10+ ppg at a high school nationals tournament are not eligible to play in the JV division.

Each team can have a maximum of 6 players, with 4 playing at a time. Any team with over 6 players will not be accepted.

For returning teams,
$80 for the first team
$70 for subsequent teams

Teams composed entirely of players that have not played in the 2018-2019 school year will pay a flat fee of $45.

Payments can be only provided by cash. For teams that register before 2/15/20, there will be a $10 discount per team. Middle school teams start at $70, and $65 for each subsequent team.

- $5 per working buzzer set
- $10 per moderator (including own laptop/tablet)
- $5 for every 50 miles traveled one way (calculated via google maps)

Schools are able to register by emailing [[email protected]]:
1. School name and number of teams per division
2. Names of each player per team
3. Number of buzzer sets and moderators
4. Contact email/phone number
5. Additional discounts
6. Total cost

There will be a soft field cap of 12 teams for varsity and 10 teams for JV. Schools registered after the cap is hit will be placed on a waiting list. Additionally, schools are limited to registering 3 teams; subsequent teams will be placed on the waiting list. If there are spots open after the registration deadline, an email will be sent starting from the top of the waiting list.
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Re: NEGFIVE II (2/29/20) @ North Hollywood High (North Hollywood, CA)

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Due to the lack of moderators and buzzer systems, we are capping at 18 teams (10 JV and 8 Varsity). This is the final field:

Los Gatos (3/0/0)
Viewpoint (1/0/0)
Carmel Valley (1/0/0)
Santa Monica (1/0/0)
La Serna (2/0/0)
Harvard Westlake (2/0/0)

Santa Monica (2/0/0)
La Serna (1/2/0)
Rancho Bernardo (1/2/0)
Del Norte (1/0/1)
Arcadia (2/0/0)
CCA (1/1/0)
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