SCALE Charity Literature Tournament

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SCALE Charity Literature Tournament

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Hello all, we are excited to officially announce the Summer Collaborative Advanced Literature Event (SCALE) as well as the SCALE Charity Literature Tournament Online!

Set Details:

SCALE is a literature-only, tossup-only side event. It will consist of 10 packets that aim to hit High School Nationals/College Regs- difficulty. The tossups will be roughly 7-8 lines of Times New Roman 10. They will be power marked. This tournament is designed to keep players enticed yet have accessible clues to all players. Our strategy for this is that answer lines and pyramidality should be Pace-EFT level with clues that will make the tossups powerable yet still fairly difficult.

Writing/Editing Team:

SCALE is being written by Jordan Davidsen (Vanguard), Graham Cope (Vanguard), Anish Kodali (Great Valley), Zaid Siddiqui (DCDS), Rohan Ganeshan (Buffalo Grove), Jonathan Shauf (TJ Classical), Emma Hermacinski (Choate), Stan Melkumian (Macomb) and Giifti Benti (Carbondale).

The editing team includes Daniel Sheinberg (Yale), Alistair Gray (UCSD), and Nick Zhang (Teterboro), Jacob O’Rourke (formerly Truman State) and Matthew Siff (Georgetown Day School).


This distribution is subject to change based on our ease of finding appropriate answer lines.

6 American Literature (2 Long Fiction, 1.5 Short Fiction, 1 Drama, 1.5 Poetry)

5 Commonwealth Literature (2 Long Fiction, 0.5 Short Fiction, 1 Drama, 1.5 Poetry)

5.5 Non-British European Literature (1.5 Long Fiction, 1 Short Fiction, 1.5 Drama, 1.5 Poetry)

5 World Literature (2 Long Fiction, 1 Short Fiction, 1 Drama, 1 Poetry)

2.5 Miscellaneous (a mixture of essays, criticism, common links, and writer’s choice from all regions)

The miscellaneous tossups will consist of content that either doesn’t neatly fit into the other categories, or content that stretches the bounds of what is considered classical literature.

This set will be open for mirrors, although we do not expect that an all literature tournament in a saturated packet environment will be popular. And such, please send an email to [email protected] if you would like to mirror SCALE.


We will be using SCALE for an online Discord tournament on August 8th, 2020. Teams will consist of 2 players. The price for one duo is $20. This tournament is open to High School students only, including graduating/graduated seniors (Class of 2020) and incoming freshmen (Class of 2024).

As of now, we will have one tournament group, however if we get enough interest, we will consider creating a Standard and Competitive division. Logistics including rounds, divisions, and how the tournament will be run will be given to teams as the event gets closer.

Note that all money (that isn't going to staff, who are predominantly volunteers) will be donated to charity. We will have a short list of charities supporting different causes that duos will be able to choose from.

The spreadsheet to signup is here. If you do not have a teammate, you can list yourself as a free agent and we will match you with other free agents. ... sp=sharing

As of now, we have decided to cap at 24 teams. As of 7/6/20, we have enough players to account for 22 teams between registered teams and free agents.

If you already filled out the "Interest Sheet", you are already registered. However, please go back in and enter a contact email for your duo and update any information if anything has changed.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you play SCALE!
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Re: SCALE Charity Literature Tournament

Post by buffaloz1331 »

Just to be sure, these are packets of 24 questions, correct?
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Re: SCALE Charity Literature Tournament

Post by Rohangeo »

Hi Arthur,

We do indeed plan on making 10 packets of 24 power marked tossups each. We will also have an extra question consisting packet to be used for any disputes or tie games.
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