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2020 California Fall Novice

Posted: Fri Sep 18, 2020 2:22 am
by Arras Agility
  • Tournament gameplay will start promptly at 9 AM Pacific time (teams will have to be in the tournament server and ready by 8:40; we will hold an opening meeting before gameplay begins.), and we expect to end at 4 or 5 PM at the latest.
  • We've expanded the field cap to 40 teams.
  • Staff members will be paid $20 for a full day's of staffing, or $10 for a half-day.
  • The 40-team field is full; any subsequent teams will be put on a waitlist. Teams may be cleared from the waitlist in the order they joined it if other teams drop, or if we have the resources to expand the field further.
  • We will accept new registrations until 6 PM Pacific Time on Thursday, 10/8. We will also accept drops until that time without penalty; after that point, teams will be liable for their full registration fee.
The 2020 California Fall Novice Tournament, sponsored by the Northern California and Southern California Quiz Bowl Alliances, will be held on Saturday, October 10 online via Discord. This tournament is aimed at completely new schools, as well as new players from established programs, in the state of California. As such, we are using these eligibility criteria:
  • Only students attending high schools physically located in California, or online high schools based in California, are eligible.
  • Any such student who has never played all-subject quiz bowl before is eligible (for the purposes of this eligibility standard, “quiz bowl” does not include other academic competitions, such as Academic League, Academic Decathlon, National Science Bowl, History Bowl, or local televised competitions.).
  • Any such student who has never scored more than 25 points per game at a quiz bowl tournament (including middle school competitions) AND who has played less than two years of quiz bowl is eligible.
We may make case-by-case exceptions to these eligibility rules; email us at [email protected] for questions about certain players’ eligibility or to petition for an exception. We strongly encourage existing programs to recruit new players and encourage members who may not have played as much to attend this tournament.

Tournament fees will be as follows:
Registration Fee: $40 per team
New to Quiz Bowl Discount: -$20 for the first team registered by a school that has not played a pyramidal quiz bowl tournament (under the same definition as for player eligibility) in the past 3 years; if you’re curious about this discount, email us to discuss.

Players are required to use a functioning webcam (built-in laptop webcams are acceptable) that is pointed at their face throughout the tournament. They should also try to play from as quiet an area as possible

Participants will receive an invitation to the tournament server, an opportunity to test playing over Discord for teams not used to using Discord, and an email with complete logistical details well before the tournament. Players will also be required to agree to our misconduct and integrity policies.

The tournament will initially be limited to 25 teams; this number will likely increase with the staffing pool. UPDATE: The field cap is now 40 teams. Teams will be limited to six players, with up to four playing at a time.

We’ll be using the novice question set TAILS and the standard 20 tossup/20 bonus quiz bowl format. We are aiming for at least 7 rounds for teams, with championship teams possibly playing a couple more games. For practice on questions of similar difficulty to those that will be asked in the tournament, see previous years of the SCOP Novice tournament.

I, Alistair Gray (President of UCSD’s quiz bowl team), will be directing this tournament, assisted by Dr. Chris Chiego (co-founder of SoCal Quiz Bowl) and Shahar Schwartz (member of the UC Berkeley quiz bowl team).

To register, complete this Google form. We’re also looking for staff (who can be based anywhere) and will compensate those who volunteer ($20 for a full day of staffing, or $10 for a half day); complete this other form to register. Staff may be affiliated with teams; such staff must disclose any such affiliations when completing the form.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]. We look forward to seeing you at our tournament!

Re: 2020 California Fall Novice

Posted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 7:23 pm
by Arras Agility
Field, as of 10/9:

Mission San Jose (2)
Stanford Online (2)
Vista del Lago (3)
Sacramento Country Day
King's Academy (2)
San Mateo
Lowell (2)
Fremont Christian (2)
SDSCPA (new)
Amador Valley (2)
Miramonte (new)
Santa Monica (2)
Washington (2)
Our Lady of Peace
Saratoga (2)
Gunn (new)
North Hollywood
Canyon Crest (2)
Rancho Bernardo
Evergreen Valley
Saint Francis

Total: 40 / 40

Waitlist (1):

Del Norte

Re: 2020 California Fall Novice

Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2020 12:23 am
by Arras Agility
Thanks to all the players and staffers who made this event a success! We hope everyone had an enjoyable experience.

Final statistics can be found on the database; Gunn won the tournament in the final over Santa Monica A, 415 - 355.