ACE XIV - Arcadia High School (11/28/20)

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ACE XIV - Arcadia High School (11/28/20)

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Arcadia Quiz Bowl is proud to announce this year’s iteration of ACE XIV which will be held on November 28, 2020 ONLINE. There will be single division reading RAFT II [viewtopic.php?f=109&t=24146] a house-written set of High School Regular Difficulty.

This tournament is open to all current Southern California high school students.
This a closed tournament, so each team must be composed of players from the same school.
Teams of more than six people will not be accepted.

Cheating and misconduct will not be tolerated at this tournament. We reserve the right to remove anyone suspected of cheating or misconduct during the tournament. Please report any suspicious behavior to the Tournament Directors.

If you are threatened or feel in any way unsafe at this tournament, please reach out to a TD or staffer and fill out this quizbowl misconduct form here: ... Q/viewform

New schools (schools that haven't played a tournament in the 2019-2020 season) will pay a flat fee of $40 per team
Returning schools will pay $60 per team

-$10 for each provided staff member capable of moderating/scorekeeping effectively online

$40 for each new or returning team

This tournament will use the ACF Ruleset:, with the following modifications:
1. Tossups will have 15-point powers
2. Teams may be allowed more than 5 seconds to answer after each tossup or bonus at the moderator's discretion

The exact formal of the tournament (round-robin or bracketed) will depend on the exact number of teams. Ties shall be resolved on the basis of points per bonus within brackets, and ties crossing different brackets shall be resolved on the basis of points per game.

To register, email us at [email protected] with:
1. How many teams you expect to bring
2. A contact email and phone number
3. Additional discounts
4. Final Expected Cost
Please include the name of the tournament as well as your school in the subject of your email ("Arcadia registration for ACE XIV")

Teams will be required to be present on the Tournament Discord Server at 8:45 AM on 11/28. The tournament will start promptly at 9 AM Pacific Time.
More logistics and the link to the tournament discord server will be emailed later to the teams who have registered.

We will implement a soft field cap of 12 teams until we can confirm staffers, though this cap will likely expand.
Returning schools will be limited to registering TWO teams each. Any additional teams they would like to register will be placed onto a waitlist. If reserved spots are not filled one week prior to the tournament or we can expand the field cap, teams on the waitlist will be let off.

Please direct all inquiries to [email protected]
Thank you!
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Re: ACE XIV - Arcadia High School (11/28/20)

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Field (as of 11/23):

Westview (3)
Del Norte (2)
Canyon Crest (3)
Santa Monica (3)
Scripps Ranch
San Dieguito (2)
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