Trojan Wars II, NAQT IS-195 (3/20/21)

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Trojan Wars II, NAQT IS-195 (3/20/21)

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Hello QuizBowlers! I am excited to announce that Troy High School will be hosting Trojan Wars II on March 20, 2021. It is running NAQT’s IS-195 set, so the tournament is a qualifier for the 2021 HSNCT. We are also looking to make it a qualifier for PACE NSC and will update this once that happens.

Update: We have been approved for a platinum NSC qualifier (top 25%).

It will be held on Discord and start at 9 am EST. All teams will be guaranteed 10 rounds.

This tournament is open to all high school teams, with teams in Michigan being given priority over teams in other states. Non-Michigan teams will be put on a waitlist and, if space allows, will be moved to the playing field on March 13. As of now, team capacity is 24 teams.

Register at this link

Our aim is to create a safe environment where people come together to play quizbowl and will therefore not tolerate any forms of misconduct. All players are expected to follow the PACE Code of Conduct:

If you ever need to report any misconduct please use this form or contact a staff member or TD: ... Q/viewform

A note on cheating
We will maintain a strict no-cheating policy. Any conclusive evidence on cheating will result in the player or team in question being disqualified and all their games being voided. Please report any suspicions of cheating to a staff member or TD, but do not call a player out if you do not have concrete evidence of cheating.

Camera policy
All players will be required to turn on their camera unless an explicit exception is given by a TD.

The fee for this tournament will be $70 per team. Invoices will be sent to participating teams before the tournament date. Please contact us at [email protected] if this fee poses a problem for your team.

After filling out the google form, please type out your teams’ rosters here. ... sp=sharing

Field (as of 3/16/21) -- 21/24 spots filled

Detroit Country Day (3)
Chelsea High School (1)
Okemos (2)
White Pigeon Jr/Sr High School (3)
DeWitt High School (1)
Grosse Pointe North (1)
Traverse City Central High School (1)
Interlochen Arts Academy (1)
Plymouth High School (1)
The King's Academy (1)
The Head-Royce School (1)
Cleveland Heights High School (1)
Palmetto Ridge High School (1)
Jasper High School (2)
Barrington High School (1)


If you have any questions or concerns, please email [email protected]. We hope to see you soon!
Madhavan Iyengar
Troy High School (Michigan)