PPT IV "@" Canyon Crest Academy (4/24/2021)

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PPT IV "@" Canyon Crest Academy (4/24/2021)

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CCA Quizbowl would like to announce the Powered Points Tournament IV (PPT IV)! The tournament will be held on Saturday, April 24th, 2021. The JV division will be playing the IS-202A packets and the Varsity division packets will mirror CATT.

LOCATION: This tournament will take place over Discord, and all players will be required to have their cameras on.

ELIGIBILITY: PPT is now open to all middle and high schools (it was previously limited to SoCal teams). The JV division is open to middle and high school teams, while the Varsity division is restricted to high school teams only. The Varsity division is open to everyone. To be eligible for the Junior Varsity division, a team must have no players who have ever scored 50 or more points per game (PPG) in the JV division of a tournament (or any similar difficulty high school tournament) or regular high school tournament, 30 or more PPG in a Varsity division, or 10 or more PPG at a high school national tournament. You can check statistics for eligibility purposes at here.

Teams can have a maximum of 6 players. This is a closed tournament, meaning that a team must only consist of players from the same school.

$60 per team for returning schools
$40 per team for new schools (schools that did not play a tournament in the 2019-2020 season)

(UPDATED) Discounts:
- $20 per moderator/scorekeeper
- Mods that are not associated with a team will be payed $15

Minimum Fee:
$40 for each team

Please email [email protected] with:
1. How many teams you expect to bring
2. A contact email and phone number
3. Additional discounts
4. Final expected cost

Registration will end on Friday, April 23rd, 2021. All teams registering after this deadline will be waitlisted.

There is a soft field cap of 20 teams, 10 teams for Varsity and 10 teams for Junior Varsity. Returning schools will be limited to registering 3 teams each, across both divisions. Any additional teams they would like to register will be placed onto a waitlist, and allowed into the field as space allows in the week before the tournament.

If you have any questions, email us at [email protected].

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Re: PPT IV "@" Canyon Crest Academy (4/24/2021)

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Current Field (as of 4/23/21):

Varsity (6/10):
Santa Monica (1)
Scripps Ranch (1)
Belmont (2)
Del Norte (2)

Junior Varsity (10/10):
Pacific Trails (1)
Canyon Crest (1)
Black Mountain (1)
Marshall (2)
Scripps Ranch (1)
Viewpoint (1)
Westview (1)
Head-Royce (1)
Rancho Bernardo (1)

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