TJIAT 2021 Online (03/20/21) (HS-Closed)

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TJIAT 2021 Online (03/20/21) (HS-Closed)

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The Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology is pleased to announce the annual Thomas Jefferson Invitational Academic Tournament (TJIAT) on March 20th, 2021. TJIAT will be run on mACF rules, including 15 point powers, -5 negs, and no bouncebacks. Unlike past TJIAT’s, this tournament will not serve as a pre-nats tournament, so we encourage teams of all skill levels to attend.

The tournament will be played on MCMT, a house-written, HS Regs level difficulty set.

All students on a team must be from the same school (no “open” or “chimera” teams allowed). As TJIAT will serve as the Mid-Atlantic mirror of this set, only teams based in Virginia, DC, Maryland, and Delaware may attend TJIAT. If you are not from these states but would like to play (i.e. PA, WV, NC), please email us at [email protected], and we may grant you an exception.

TJIAT's current field cap is 24, but this may be increased depending on room and staffer availability. Please sign up by March 13th. We will require rosters by March 17th. Teams will be limited to at most 6 people, so schools planning to bring more than 6 students should register another team. During the rounds, up to 4 students are permitted to play at any given time, and up to 2 students can sub out at halftime. Teams may have fewer than 4 people. Teams dropping out after 11:59 PM on March 16th will still be responsible for the entirety of the fee, though exceptions may be granted in extreme situations.
Due to the current health crisis, this tournament will be conducted entirely online through Discord, with a short opening meeting via a separate link. All players/coaches should join the Discord server at least a day before the tournament to familiarize themselves with the environment. The first round will start at 9 AM EST, but participants should aim to be on the server by 8:45. We plan for the tournament to end at 6PM EST. More information will follow in a logistics email the week before the tournament.

Rules against cheating and misconduct will be strictly enforced at this tournament. We reserve the right to remove players suspected of cheating or misconduct during the tournament, disqualify their team, and remove statistics of those involved. We will also notify coaches and relevant quizbowl organizations about any such acts. If you suspect anyone of cheating, please contact a TD immediately.

To monitor signs of cheating, we will be requiring a camera (laptop or webcam) to be on at all times during this tournament, directed in such a way that at least a player’s face and shoulders are visible. We will also require that at least one hand be in frame at all times, to be enforced by our moderators.

We will not tolerate nor condone any form of misconduct. If you feel threatened or in any way unsafe at this tournament, please reach out to a TD or staffer and fill out this quizbowl misconduct form.

Registration fees per team:
$70 for schools that regularly participate in pyramidal quizbowl
$45 for schools that are new to pyramidal quizbowl

-$10 per each competent staffer (given first come first serve, if need is present)

Minimum registration fees:
$30 per team

Registration fees may be paid either by check or through online payments. Please send one payment per school. When making your payment, please note your school’s name and “TJIAT 2021 Registration Fee” in the memo line. More details on payments will also come via the logistics email. While we will not require fees to be paid before tournament day, rest assured we will be following up with stragglers.


Please direct any questions to the Thomas Jefferson Quizbowl officers at [email protected]. We hope to see you on the 20th!


Arcadia (1/0)
BASIS McLean (1/0)
Cave Spring (1/0)
Langley (1/0)
McLean (1/0)
Quince Orchard (1/0)
Richard Montgomery (3/0)
Roeper (1/0)
Winston Churchill (2/0)
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Re: TJIAT 2021 Online (03/20/21) (HS-Closed)

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I want to make sure that you know that the VHSL moved their state championships to 3/20/21.

See the link below.
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Re: TJIAT 2021 Online (03/20/21) (HS-Closed)

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Who will be directing this tournament?
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Re: TJIAT 2021 Online (03/20/21) (HS-Closed)

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mithokie wrote: Thu Feb 25, 2021 1:00 pm I want to make sure that you know that the VHSL moved their state championships to 3/20/21.

See the link below.
Thanks for the heads up! Unfortunately, we don't have a good date that we could reschedule to - our deepest apologies to Virginia teams who wanted to attend. Some of our staffing team will also be competing, so we'd welcome outside staffers wholeheartedly.
CPiGuy wrote: Thu Feb 25, 2021 4:10 pm Who will be directing this tournament?
I, Joshua Lian, will be directing this tournament alone.
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