UW Spring Classic [MOVED TO 5/1/21]

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UW Spring Classic [MOVED TO 5/1/21]

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University of Washington Quizbowl is proud to announce the UW Spring Classic, which will be hosted on Discord on May 1, 2021. I, Kevin Kodama, will be serving as TD. For any questions regarding the tournament, please email us at [email protected].


Useful information regarding what quiz bowl is can be found here.

This tournament will use standard mACF rules, with tossups being worth 15 points if correct in power, 10 points if correct after power, and -5 points for the first incorrect interrupt. All other buzzes will net players 0 points. Bonuses will be worth 10 points each, and there will be no bouncebacks. We will use modified timing rules for this tournament - players will have 5 seconds to answer after being recognized on tossups, and teams will have 8 seconds to provide an answer after bonuses. Rounds will not be timed.


This tournament will feature 2 divisions, a Varsity division for experienced teams and a Novice division for teams composed of newer players. The Varsity division will use the DART set, while the Novice division will use the TAILS set. The DART set is a regular-difficulty high school set, while TAILS is a novice-difficulty set intended as an introduction for teams new to quizbowl. We realize that there is overlap between this tournament and the West Coast TAILS mirror, but we do not think there will be much overlap between the two fields. Teams that have already played TAILS are of course eligible to play DART at this tournament.

The novice division is open to any teams composed entirely of players that did not play pyramidal all-subject quizbowl before September 1, 2019. (this does not include other competitions such as Knowledge Bowl, Science Bowl, or History Bowl). Teams must also consist of players that have not gotten above 20 PPG (Points-Per-Game) at a national tournament (such as the NAQT HSNCT or the PACE NSC) or that have not gotten above 30 PPG on a team that finished in the top half (rounded up) of a regular-season tournament after September 1, 2019.

This tournament is geographically exclusive, and is only for teams from the following states and province: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, and British Columbia. If necessary, however, we may open the field at a later date to teams outside the region. This tournament is closed, so teams must consist of individuals attending the same school.

Further information regarding nationals qualification will be provided at a later date, once we receive full information.


This tournament will take place over Discord, which can be downloaded here. A link to the server for the tournament will be sent out a few days before the tournament. It is a requirement that all players turn on their video while in games; no exceptions will be made. Teams can start checking in at 8:00 a.m., and we will have an opening meeting before rounds begin at 8:30. Rounds will begin at 9 a.m., and we expect to end at around 4 p.m. All times are in Pacific Daylight Time, so you should convert the times as necessary.


Teams may register for this tournament by emailing UW Quizbowl at [email protected] with the following information:
  • How many teams (in either division) you expect to bring, as well as tentative rosters for people on the teams. The rosters need not be finalized.
  • A day-of contact email and phone number we can use to contact the team(s).
  • Any discounts you plan on claiming.

The base fee for a team at this tournament is $60 for teams in the Varsity division and $50 for teams in the Novice division. There is a $12.50 discount for teams that provide a staffer (reader or scorekeeper), as well as a $10 discount for teams from schools that did not play quizbowl before September 1, 2019 (unless the teams include players who have played quizbowl before September 1, 2020). There is no minimum fee for this tournament, however, teams may not request that we "owe" money (i.e. if a team's discounts exceed their cost, we will not "owe" teams). Details regarding payment will be sent closer to the date of the tournament.

We are committed to making quizbowl accessible for all teams regardless of financial status, and if the fee structure here imposes a financial burden on your team, feel free to email us at [email protected], and we'll find a way to make things work for your team(s).


We are actively soliciting staff for this tournament. All staff not affiliated with the University of Washington or from a team claiming a staff discount will be paid $25 for the whole day and $12.50 for half a day.


We are committed to making this tournament and quizbowl a safe and welcoming place. To that end, we expect that everyone - players, coaches, and staff, follow the PACE Code of Conduct. If for any reason anyone makes you feel uncomfortable at this tournament, and you would like to report it, you may do so using the Misconduct Reporting Form here. The form is completely anonymous.

Additionally, players are prohibited from using any outside material (such as the internet or notes) during the tournament. Violations of this rule constitute cheating, and players that engage in such behavior (as well as any behavior that violates the code of conduct) will be banned from the tournament. We reserve the right to contact any and all other quiz bowl organizations, as well as school coaches, regarding cheating and/or other violations of the code of conduct.

If you have any further questions regarding the tournament, or regarding quiz bowl in general, feel free to email us.
Kevin Kodama
University of Washington '23
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