CATT 2020 HS Open - 4/25/21 [Sign-ups resumed]

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CATT 2020 HS Open - 4/25/21 [Sign-ups resumed]

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Chattahoochee High School is pleased to announce CATT Open, our online CATT 2020 HS open mirror. Our tournament will be held on April 25th, 2021 using Discord.

**This post has been edited to reflect that there will be tossups AND bonuses in play

This tournament is open, meaning any teams who have not played CATT 2020 before may attend.
Chimeras are permitted, meaning players on a team need not be from the same school.

We are expecting to cap field size at 18 teams.
Each team will play preliminary rounds in the morning and playoff rounds in the afternoon.
The rules/format of the tournament are subject to change depending on how large the field is. The field is subject to change based on TD discretion.
We are planning to keep individual stats as well as category stats.

The cost will be $60 per team. Payment information will be sent to the emails under which teams register.
A $10 discount will be offered to any teams that can provide an experienced reader.
Please register through this link: ... sp=sharing
(Please do not troll or grief on this spreadsheet, thanks)

We will be using CATT 2020, an hs regs + level question set. More information can be found here:
Each team may bring up to 4 players .
Rounds are 20/20 with one tiebreaker tossup if needed. There will be powers (15) and negs (-5). Four players are allowed per team. We will not use bouncebacks. Teams should expect to have camera and mic capabilities during play. Players should have at least one hand in view of the camera during the reading of tossups and bonuses.

Cheating & Misconduct
Everyone involved in the tournament should be sure to adhere to these basic rules:
In addition, there is a misconduct reporting form should inappropriate behavior occur.
Cameras will be required to be on during play. No act of cheating in any form will be tolerated.

If you have any questions please post here or email [email protected] or [email protected] . Please include "CATT Open" in the subject.

Thank you and hope to see you at the tournament!
Jason Luo
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