PPT V @ Canyon Crest Academy (11/13/2021)

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PPT V @ Canyon Crest Academy (11/13/2021)

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CCA Quizbowl would like to announce the 2021-2022 season opener, Powered Points Tournament V (PPT V)! There will be two divisions, JV and Varsity, and we are planning to use the IS-207A and IS-206 NAQT sets respectively.

LOCATION: Canyon Crest Academy, 5951 Village Center Loop Road, San Diego, CA 92130. The matches will most likely be held in the D and E buildings on the first floor.

DATE: The tournament will be held on Saturday, November 13th, 2021. Check-in will begin at 8:30 am in E101, and the first round should begin around 9 am. Schedules and roster confirmation sheets will be available after check-in.

QUESTIONS: The tournament will feature one JV division playing the NAQT IS-207A set and a Varsity division playing the NAQT IS-206 set.

FORMAT: Teams will be allowed to have up to 6 players, but only 4 players can play at one time. Teams with more than 6 players will be asked to split into two teams. Teams will only be allowed to make substitutions at halftime.
The tournament will adhere to official NAQT rules—with the exception that each round will run as two untimed, 10-question halves—with a preliminary round robin followed by reseeding based on results from the round robin phase. Seeding in the individual sub-brackets will be determined by the overall win-loss record. Ties for reseedings will be resolved based on points per game, followed by points per bonus.

ELIGIBILITY: The JV division is open to middle and high school teams, while the Varsity division is open to everyone. To be eligible for the Junior Varsity division, a team must have no players who have ever scored 50 or more points per game (PPG) in the JV division of a tournament (or any similar difficulty high school tournament) or regular high school tournament, 30 or more PPG in a Varsity division, or 10 or more PPG at a high school national tournament.

Base fee = $80 for one team, $70 after the first

$40 for any team that has not competed in a tournament in the past 2 years.

Discounts will be given as follows:
-$5 for each fully-functional buzzer system (must have at least four working buzzers on both sides)
-$5 for traveling distances over 50 miles, one-way, according to Google Maps
-$10 per moderator. Must have a functioning laptop. Please have all moderators fill out this form to receive the discount: https://forms.gle/UxrHopsTM4Uyums76.

Minimum fee: $55 per team.

Please make checks payable to: CCA ASB. Please do not make checks out to any other person or entity. Checks or cash will be due at the start of the tournament during registration.

REGISTRATION: The directors for this tournament are Cade McAllister, Chris Jung, Leo Gu, and Andrew Gao. The advisor of this tournament will be Mr. Brian Shay. If you are interested in attending, sign up through this link https://www.naqt.com/go/register/12416.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: The Wednesday before the tournament, 11/10/21.

Preliminary field cap: 20, but is subject to change.

There is a waitlist for schools that register more than 3 teams across both divisions.

Updates of the tournament will be made primarily by email and on the forum post.

FOOD: A light breakfast will be provided in E101. The shopping center across Village Center Loop Drive (about a 5-10 minute walk away) has food options such as Panera Bread, Trader Joe's, Fresh Brothers (pizza), and Luna Grill.

Please send any inquiries to [email protected]

Chris Jung
Canyon Crest Academy
Chris Jung
Canyon Crest Academy