2022 Northfield Novice Invitational (6/18, Online, IS-209A)

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2022 Northfield Novice Invitational (6/18, Online, IS-209A)

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Northfield Quizbowl is pleased to announce that we will be hosting an online, nationwide high school mirror of IS-209A, a novice high school difficulty set.

I, Owen Riley, will be co-directing this event with Plano West’s Shardul Parthasarathy. My email is oriley1201 AT iCloud DOT com, if you have further questions.

Saturday, June 18, 2022

8:35 AM Central: opening staff meeting
8:45: opening meeting for all players and coaches
9:00: games begin
Approx 12:00: lunch break
Approx 3:00: this is the estimated tournament end time, though it could be a bit earlier depending on field size.

The tournament will take place online over Zoom and Buzzin.live.

To register to play this tournament, go to this link on the NAQT website.

Staffers should register to staff by emailing me directly. Include “Northfield Novice Staff” in the subject line. Again, my email is oriley1201 AT iCloud DOT com.

The deadline to register to play this tournament is Wednesday, June 15, 2022. Teams who drop from the field after 11 PM Central on Wednesday, June 15 will be required to pay the full registration fee. Please drop before the registration deadline if you need to drop.

All staff will be paid $30, except those staffing for volunteer hours. We can sign off on volunteer hours.

Base fee per team: $60
Staffer discount (must be approved by me): -$30
New to quizbowl discount (must be approved by me): -$40

The new to quizbowl discount is for schools who have not sent a team to a regular, all-subject quizbowl tournament since September 1, 2016.

There will be two divisions: novice high school and middle school.

The middle school division is for middle schools of all skill levels.

The novice high school division is for teams consisting of players who meet the following criteria. These criteria are guidelines. If you wish for a player excluded by these criteria to be allowed to play, email me at oriley1201 AT iCloud DOT com.

Those general criteria are as follows:
  • Must not have averaged two powers per game or more in a tournament (CERES excluded)
  • Must not have averaged 50 points per game or more in a tournament (CERES excluded)
  • Must not have averaged one power per game or more in a tournament of regular difficulty or harder
Exemptions must be explicitly granted, in writing, by me. I reserve the right to accept or reject any such requests. I reserve the right to dub a player ineligible if I believe, based on past statistics, that they should not in good faith play in this novice division.

To prevent cheating, all players will be required to have both of their hands in view of a camera. This may be easily accomplished with a second camera angle, or by buzzing on a phone. For this reason, unfortunately we will not be able to permit any camera exemptions. Those who have issues with Internet who wish to play this tournament might inquire as to whether their team can meet in-person in one location, such as a school classroom.

Payment will be handled by Shardul Parthasarathy. You can email him at shardulparthasarathy7304 AT gmail DOT com.
Owen Riley
Inver Hills ’23
Northfield coach
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