Interlake Invitational Quizbowl Tournament - ONLINE 1/6/2024

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Interlake Invitational Quizbowl Tournament - ONLINE 1/6/2024

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Hello everyone! We are Interlake High School Quizbowl from Bellevue, WA, and will be hosting our first online tournament, the Interlake Invitational QuizBowl Tournament, on January 6th, 2024!
The tournament will be held online through Discord, and we will be using as our buzzing system.

The question set we will be using is CYBER, power-marked. More info on distributions here. ... 00#p396300
We will be using 20 questions per packet in untimed rounds, and the remaining 4 will be saved as tiebreakers/replacements.

We will be following standard NAQT rules, linked below.
Because we are using an online format, we will be requiring a camera with at least one hand in frame. Desktop cameras that don’t necessarily show faces are okay as well.

This will be a novice competition for high schoolers. Competitors must have:
- Not scored 50 ppg or more at any high school tournament
- Not played on a team that has reached either playoffs of any year of HSNCT or the top half of any year of PACE

Please fill out this form for registration:
The early registration deadline is December 6th, and normal registration is December 16th. Sign ups will be closed after the first 12 teams sign up. Any teams that sign up after will be waitlisted. Each team can only have a maximum of 6 players with 4 players playing at the same time.

We will prioritize PNW teams (WA, ID, OR, BC) teams before others during the early registration period, but not during normal registration. During normal registration, we will take teams on a first-come-first-serve basis.

$35 for the first team, and $25 for any subsequent teams from one school.

We will reach out soon after registration to confirm team details and payment. Participating teams must be affiliated with schools so we can invoice you directly.
I2QT does not wish for financials to be an issue with any prospective participants. If you are in need of financial aid, please reach out and we can offer some solutions.

All profits will go to charity (the Wikimedia Foundation).
Tournament statistics will be posted within a week of the tournament. We will make a decision regarding category statistics after the tournament, depending on attendance.

Please contact [email protected] for any questions or concerns.

We look forward to seeing you there!
Darinah Hou, Interlake High School :capybara:
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