Calling all Geography/History Players!

Announcements, results, and discussion for single subject events including but not limited to National History Bee and Bowl, the US Geography Championships, and Science Bowl. DO NOT discuss specific question content from any sets that have not been announced as clear.
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Calling all Geography/History Players!

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I'm Siddharth Chittapuram, a rising sophomore from California who started Quizbowl last year. Are you a Quizbowl Player that specializes in subjects like geography or history? Do you want to apply your knowledge or refurbish your skills in competition? If so, please sign up for the second GeoElite Geography Tournament, an online geography competition (with some history as well) organized by myself (2018 4th Place CA State) and two other former geography bee contenders whose sole purpose is to do nothing but enhance your mental map and geographic application skills.
Please sign up using this Google Form: ... sp=sf_link.
UPDATE: The Bee has been postponed to Winter Break (Late December/Early January), so please ignore the August dates.

If you would like to know the difficulty level of these questions, please watch this YouTube video pertaining to the top 10 for our first competition: (Apologies in advance for the video length and audio quality).
In the future, we are seeking to include questions that belong to different aspects of geography such as human geography, historical geography, the geography of literature, etc.. In addition, we are currently developing a website for GeoElite that we will release here once it is ready.

Hope to see you there!
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Re: Calling all Geography/History Players!

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My friend hosted part of this competition and it was really cool! I really enjoyed participating in the last one, even though I didn't make top 10. I encourage everybody to sign up because this competition is truly special.

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