The 2021 Scottie

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The 2021 Scottie

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I am pleased to offer the 2021 Scottie for mirrors during the fall of 2021 and early spring of 2022.

The Scottie is intended as a regular difficulty plus tournament for high school and would not be best for novice teams. The Scottie will include 13 sets with a set for tiebreakers/replacement questions.

The set distribution is as follows:
History 4/4 - American, Anglo, Euro, World
Literature 4/4 - American, British, Euro, World
Science 4/4 - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Other (Astronomy, Earth, non-comp Math)
Art 3/3 - Visual, Auditory, Other (Musicals, film, architecture, dance)
Religion 1/1
Mythology 1/1
Thought 1/1 Philosophy, Social Science
Geography 1/1
Pop Culture-Trash 0.5/0.5
Current Events 0.5/0.5
(The above is currently being tweaked a little bit, but should be very close to what is listed.)

The actual Scottie will take place at Glasgow HIgh School on Saturday, September 18th. Any subsequent mirrors can be held beginning October 2nd.

The mirror fee for the Scottie will be $10 per team. We do expect appropriate statistics to be kept and uploaded.

Changes of any kind should not be made to the Scottie by mirror hosts without approval.

The Scottie will be written by past and present members of the GHS Academic Team with final edits made by:
Todd Garrison - Head Coach at Glasgow HIgh School '11 - present
Olivia Kiser - GHS '11 - '15 - University of Chicago '15 - '19 - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign '19 - '21
Tyler Reid - GHS '9 - '13 - University of Kentucky '13 - 18'
Jason Dooley - Assistant Coach at Glasgow High School.

We believe the Scottie to be a top-notch set. Teams may judge the quality of our questions for themselves by accessing the 2020 Scottie questions here:

The 2019 and 2018 sets are also on the database.

Mirror requests for the Scottie can be made by replying directly on this thread, or by emailing [email protected].

The players and coaches at GHS wish you the very best summer and a blessed 2021-22 season!

Todd Garrison
Glasgow High School
Coach - 2011 to present
Todd Garrison
Glasgow High School
Coach - 2012 to present
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Re: The 2021 Scottie

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Coach Garrison,

Would you consider allowing the 2021 Scottie to mirrored at Southwestern H.S. for the Piasa Bird Invite VI on January 15, 2022?

Thank you for the consideration.
Matt Hasquin
Scholastic Bowl Coach - Southwestern High School - Piasa, Illinois
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