The 2023-24 Scottie

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The 2023-24 Scottie

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Glasgow High School is proud to announce the 7th iteration of The Scottie, available for mirror beginning October 1, 2023 and remaining available into the spring of 2024.

The Scottie is a high school regular difficulty PLUS tournament.
All writers of the 2023-24 Scottie return from writing last year's event. They include:

Ayog Prasad - University of Louisville - Biology, Literature, RMP
Griffin Reid - University of Alabama (Huntsville) - All History, Art, Social Science
Caleb West - University of Kentucky - Chemistry, Physics, some Music
Garrison Page - University of Kentucky - Literature, Physics
Jason Dooley - Asst coach at GHS - Literature, General
Todd Garrison - Head coach at GHS - Literature, History, General (non-science)

As has been the case for every Scottie, our editors include:
Tyler Reid - University of Kentucky - Chief Editor
Todd Garrison - Head Coach at GHS - Assistant Editor and Chief Rewriter
Olivia Kiser - University of Chicago, University of Illinois at Urbana - Assistant Editor and Rewriter

The Scottie will consist of 13 packets including 20 tossups paired with three part bonuses plus 1 packet with 20 replacement tossups and bonuses.
For the 2nd year in a row, the Mirror Fee for the Scottie will be $15 per participating team with team and individual statistics expected, which is a bargain.

The following are statistics from the actual Scottie held at Glasgow in 2022, the MOQBA Fall Championship, and LUKA Online respectively. These 3 sets of statistics should give teams and hosts a solid idea of whether The Scottie is a good fit for you. ... _order%29/ ... all_games/ ... /combined/

The last several Scottie question sets have been posted to the Quizbowl Resource Center and I am in the process of uploading the 2022-23 Scottie as well. When it is added, I will post the link here for you to peruse.

Have a fantastic summer and we will see you in the Fall!

Todd Garrison
Glasgow High School
[email protected]
Todd Garrison
Glasgow High School
Coach - 2012 to present
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