Supporting Quizbowl Coaches

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Supporting Quizbowl Coaches

Post by Dominator »

I recently had an idea of a way to support quizbowl coaches. Personally, when I started coaching, I felt completely on my own, and I essentially had to figure everything out for myself. I have heard the same sentiment from others, and I think we can do better.

What I am proposing is a quizbowl coaching website. For an annual subscription fee, coaches would get access to fresh content produced by top coaches from around the country. There would be advice ranging from just-getting-your-feet-under-you to being nationally competitive. Hopefully, there will also be an option for some one-on-one consulting for those who desire it.

The promise in this model is the subscription fee: by charging customers to use it, we can also pay to have content created. Until now, coaches sharing advice with others has followed the model of volunteering time to make opponents better, which is a losing proposition. At least this way, contributors will be compensated for their expertise. It is also my hope that this subscription fee would be paid by schools from professional development funds as opposed to quizbowl funds.

I have brought this idea up with a few other coaches, who have been supportive and eager to help. Personally, I’d like to see this project up and running at the start of next season. However, before we can actually put this together, we need to know whether there is enough demand. So, if you would, please let me know:

(1) Are you interested in subscribing? If so, are there any topics you’d particularly like to see content about?
(2) Are you interested in contributing? If so, are there any topics you’d really like to help with?

I would be happy to see responses either in this thread or via email. Thank you!
Dr. Noah Prince

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Re: Supporting Quizbowl Coaches

Post by 1992 in spaceflight »

I'd be interested in contributing on a "how to host a tournament" guide, focusing specifically on using SQBS. Depends on how much free time I have, though.
Jacob O'Rourke
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Re: Supporting Quizbowl Coaches

Post by Joshua Rutsky »

Such help as I can offer is at your disposal.
Joshua Rutsky
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Re: Supporting Quizbowl Coaches

Post by Strongside »

I agree with Dr. Prince that there is a lack of resources for coaches, and that quiz bowl can do better to alleviate that.

I believe that a quiz bowl coaching website of some sort would be a good idea.

My one concern is that it might be difficult to get schools to pay for this with money from outside the quiz bowl budget.

I was thinking at the very least:

1. A website could be created that includes links to some of the information about how to coach quiz bowl. (The audio from the PACE NSC Coaches Conference, Chris Chiego's guide, and Charlie Dees' guide).

2. A call could be made for volunteers to contribute more information for free.

3. Top coaches could be asked if they are interested in getting hired to do one on one or group consultations (presumably over the phone or skype).
Brendan Byrne

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University of Minnesota, 2008-2010

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Re: Supporting Quizbowl Coaches

Post by cnkraus »

Hi, all!

I am an Advanced Learer Population coordinator at Ga Cyber Academy, and we are working to establish a virtual Quizbowl team, that would be mirrored at other virtual schools, for the purpose of competing with each other, and, potentially, competing at face-to-face competitions.

I would be very interested in hearing more about this coaching website, as well as hearing about any existing virtual/online Quizbowl teams already in existence.

Thanks so much!
Christian Kraus
Ga Cyber Academy

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