Where are the TV-style questions here?

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Where are the TV-style questions here?

Post by concernedquizzer »

Hi all,

I've looked for some time for some TV style question a la https://www.naqt.com/samples/tv.pdf, but I can't seem to find good question materials. Any ideas where I can find them, or does anyone know which packets on the website are styled like this?

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Re: Where are the TV-style questions here?

Post by RexSueciae »

The short answer is that they don't exist.

The long answer is that, occasionally on the archives (or more often on the forums) someone will have written a packet or two of "speedcheck" questions that are shorter than typical quizbowl questions, often on a favorite pet topic. These are somewhat rare, and not the norm in mainstream competition (i.e. anything not on a TV show) so there's not really a big demand for people to write more.
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Re: Where are the TV-style questions here?

Post by Iamteehee »

It's almost certainly not what you are looking for, but there does exist a speedcheck set on the packet archive. Warning: it's really, really hard and comes with all the eccentricities that 10-year old packets have

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