Protobowl VS NAQT Science Questions

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Protobowl VS NAQT Science Questions

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Hello everybody,

My school plays NAQT packets, and I want to try to specialize in science. I have been chiefly using Protobowl as my metric for progress, but I recently looked at an NAQT packet and noticed that none of the answers seemed like they would ever come up on Protobowl. I also take notes on what I think comes up frequently on Protobowl. So, what do you guys think about the similarities between Protobowl and NAQT for science questions.

PS. I have been trying to find a frequency list for Science. but I can't seem to find it on the NAQT website. Does one exist, and if not, what should I use as a way to understand the distribution of topics?
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Re: Protobowl VS NAQT Science Questions

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We do not currently offer a frequency list for science topics.
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Re: Protobowl VS NAQT Science Questions

Post by Wartortullian »

This is probably the result of Protobowl's archive being extremely old. Quizbowl science writing has changed a lot over the past decade, so you'll be better off studying from the archive and QuizDB. If you want an interactive reader, you can try QuizBug2, which pulls from the QuizDB database (though it doesn't support multiplayer like protobowl). Also, I'd shy away from frequency lists and the like for science. The same concept can come up in a lot of different ways, and it's a lot more interconnected than something like literature, which can be divided into individual authors and works.

Best of luck with studying! If you need any resource recommendations for science (particularly physics, though I can probably recommend lower-level stuff in chem and bio), feel free to message me.
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Re: Protobowl VS NAQT Science Questions

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Quizbug2 is an exquisite option if you want an interactive reader for questions from QuizDB.

If you'd like a more protobowl-like experience, I'd recommending using Betterbowl (which also pulls from QuizDB). It's currently still in a beta-phase, but it is a functional program and is useful.
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