Middle School Scoresheet

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Middle School Scoresheet

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Attached please find a scoresheet for use at middle school quizbowl tournaments. This sheet can be used for any tossup/bonus tournament that contains 24 or fewer tossups. This scoresheet makes following substitutions very easy, as it has explicit instructions for writing down the tossup number at which players come in and out. The scoresheet also allows for up to 12 players on each team. I believe these two things (handling substitutions and handling large numbers of players) are the most important demands on the middle school community that are not currently met by existing scoresheets.

I suspect that I (or someone else!) may be able to make some boxes smaller to adapt it for formats with more than 24 tossups. I hope that this becomes an easy-to-use scoresheet for the middle school level, and am open to redesign ideas to fit other demands of the community.
Middle School Scoresheet
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Re: Middle School Scoresheet

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This is the scoresheet I created for the Albus Dumbledore Memorial Tournament (a mirror of the CSMT). It allows for a maximum of ten players per team, twenty tossups per round, and the possibility of bouncebacks on bonuses; however, it could be easily adapted for different formats. Sample scoresheets were e-mailed to coaches prior to the tournament (since most were used to the IESA format) to minimize confusion. The scoresheets were designed to be printed on legal size paper (8.5" by 14"?), which might be a limiting factor based on printer/copier availability. This was the only way I could include up to ten players per team while keeping the scoresheet legible. (Some of the more seasoned middle school coaches have an aversion to tiny print, kids on their lawn, etc.) I left space on the upper right side of the scoresheet where I attached a label with information including the round, pool, room number, moderator, and team names.

Please feel free to use or adapt the scoresheet however you see fit.
Albus Dumbledore Memorial Tournament Scoresheet Official.xls
ADMT Scoresheet
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