JNAC Question Distribution

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JNAC Question Distribution

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I am wondering where I can find a question distribution for the JNAC (or Questions Unlimited/NAC in general) to study for the JNAC tournament with. I have tried looking on the QUnlimited website but have not found anything of use yet. I appreciate any advice anyone can give me.
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Re: JNAC Question Distribution

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The advice I would give you is to play actual quizbowl instead
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Re: JNAC Question Distribution

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Questions Unlimited does not publish a distribution, which is one of the many reasons (along with misleading questions, tons of buzzer races, lack of academic content, and ethical issues) they are a terrible question provider. Better sets include the Collaborative Middle School Tournament, past iterations of which are available at the posted link, and NAQT's middle school sets.
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Re: JNAC Question Distribution

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Based on the last NAC I attended as a spectator, in which I charted the subjects that came up in each round, I find it very unlikely that any QU tournament uses a "distribution" as we understand it. Every question and every group of questions is simply on whatever Chip Beall feels like asking, with no regard for subject balance, the academic nature or answerability of the answer, or the ability of the answer to lend itself to a good question. My suggestion is in line with the above posters--don't bother playing this tournament.
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