Tryout Test

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Tryout Test

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I am coaching a team and need to get only the 20 best kids...
What tryout tests can I use? What tryout test did you guys use?
Can you give the resources for the links..
Need it soon.....

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Re: Tryout Test

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Welcome to the forums!

First of all: it's not strictly necessary to limit yourself to 20 players, since many tournaments offer discounts for schools that enter multiple teams.

For tryouts and starting practices, there's no substitute for actual gameplay. Take a look at the sets available for free from our archive.
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Re: Tryout Test

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Is it possible that you could just do tryouts on buzzers with competition questions? If your team competes on pyramidal questions (I hope they do), you would want people with deep knowledge on certain subjects, which may not present itself during a tryout test, which generally asks very simple questions where you don't need very much knowledge in any particular subject.
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Re: Tryout Test

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bt_green_warbler wrote: For tryouts and starting practices, there's no substitute for actual gameplay.
This is indeed the best way. However, if you want a balanced team, then you may wish to look for players with certain specialties which cannot be determined from simple gameplay stats. For example, the top four scorers may be humanities players(this will be true with most middle school sets), but a team of those four may be lacking in science knowledge.
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Re: Tryout Test

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There aren't really any tests anyone can give you. If you want one you'll have to write your own. It shouldn't be too difficult.
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Re: Tryout Test

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I quit using tests about 6 or 7 years ago. There was no data I gleaned from them that told me anything I couldn't see for myself. It served to quantify what I saw, but that was it. Furthermore, it failed to predict how much effort a player was willing to put forth to improve. If you're being forced to limit your team to 20 players, though, you're going to need to write something. Good luck.
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Re: Tryout Test

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I agree...tryouts can cut players who have the potential to grow based on the effort they are willing to put in. While they may be a good thing in terms of cutting the number of members in the club down to a required maximum (if your school sets one), I would suggest having open practices and tracking improvement. Then right before the tournament take the members who are the best at the time but keep motivating the other members to improve.
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Re: Tryout Test

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Edit: tryout tests are bad