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Kentucky MS State - 4/16 at Noe MS in Louisville

Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2015 7:47 am
by Valefor
The Kentucky Quiz Bowl Alliance is pleased to announce our Second Annual Middle School State Championship!

When: April 16, 2016 / Registration @ 9:00am EST :: Play begins @ 10:00am EST (This is three weeks before Derby, so it should be the weekend BEFORE Thunder Over Louisville.)
Where: Noe Middle School :: 121 W Lee Street / Louisville KY 40208
Question Set: NAQT MS-18

I, Jason Thompson, will be serving as tournament director.

Who may participate: ANYONE may participate, provided you are a team from a Kentucky middle school. In particular, you do NOT need to have qualified for KAAC State in order to register for and play this tournament. No matter whether your quick recall team makes it to state, or to regionals, or only plays at districts, you are eligible to sign up and play this!

In another difference from KAAC, your school may send *multiple* teams to this tournament (see Field and Fees sections below).

Field: We are currently placing a field cap of 24 teams on this tournament; if there is sufficient interest and we have enough staff, we will raise this cap. To ensure that every school who wishes to play can do so, we are initially limiting schools to an A and a B team. As the date approaches, if room remains in the field, we will open up registration for C/D teams.

Each team may have up to 6 players on its roster (so a school with 2 teams may bring up to 12 players, split up into two teams of 6 each), though only 4 may play at a time. In a difference from KAAC, teams are NOT required to have 4 players at all times; teams of 3 (or even 2 or 1) may also compete. All teams must have at least one adult coach/chaperone to accompany them throughout the day.

Format and Rules: Games will consist of 20 tossups and the associated bonuses, split into two untimed halves. The general format will consist of preliminary round robins, followed by regrouping into another round robin based on performance in the prelims. While we cannot guarantee a specific number of games at this time, we *can* guarantee that we will do our best to provide all teams with at least 6/7 games. Last year, all teams played 9 games.

We will be playing with NAQT's standard rules, scoring, and timing, with the sole exception of untimed halves.

Awards: The top 4 teams will receive trophies or plaques recognizing their performance. The top scoring individual players (number to be announced later) will receive All-Star certificates and book prizes. Teams that finish in the top 15% of the field (including ties) will qualify for NAQT's Middle School National Championship Tournament.

First team: $70 / Subsequent teams: $60 each
Bringing a buzzer system: -$10 each (up to 2) *
Teams traveling over 150 miles (one way): -$10
Teams bringing a staffer: -$10 each **
Minimum fee (per team): $40

New to quiz bowl discount -- Any school that has not participated in a pyramidal quiz bowl tournament (e.g., a tournament run on NAQT questions, or any tournament using pyramidal tossups and three-part bonuses) between September 1, 2012 and January 1, 2016 automatically qualifies for the minimum fee of $40 per team.

Specific details about payment will be distributed as the date of the tournament approaches. Please bring payment on the day of the tournament if at all possible. We can accept early payments if need be, but it is easier for everyone involved if you simply bring your payment to the tournament. Schools from which we have not received payment by one week following the tournament will be assessed a +$20 late payment fee (per team) in addition to what they owe.

Registration / Questions: To register for this tournament, please email jason_thompson (at) twc (dot) com and confirm if you will be bringing 1 or 2 teams (at least initially). If you have any questions, feel free to email me, or to post in this thread.

We look forward to a great day of quiz bowl!

* - For the purposes of this discount, the buzzer system must conform to NAQT's guidelines for its national tournaments. In particular, systems must be wired, and must be able to operate independently of a computer. This means that Inquisitor systems are *not* eligible for this discount. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

** - All team-provided staff should assume that they will be working as score/stat keepers unless you hear otherwise from us. If you are able to bring a moderator who has experience with NAQT/ACF rules, PLEASE CONTACT US ASAP!! :)

Re: Kentucky MS State - 4/16 at Noe MS in Louisville

Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2015 7:48 am
by Valefor
:: CURRENT FIELD :: (13/24)

Danville Bate
Edmonson County
Meyzeek A
Meyzeek B
Meyzeek C
Meyzeek D
Noe A
Noe B
Noe C
Noe D
St. Joseph (Crescent Springs)
Winburn A
Winburn B

:: EXPRESSED INTEREST (but not yet confirmed) ::
Campbell County (A / B ?)
Winburn C
North Laurel

Re: Kentucky MS State - 4/16 at Noe MS in Louisville

Posted: Wed Mar 23, 2016 9:12 am
by Valefor
With three and a half weeks until the tournament, we still have plenty of spots available for interested teams! Registered teams should expect an email with preliminary logistical details early next week (likely on Monday).