Top MS Players?

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Top MS Players?

Post by vishdog101 »

I feel that there are (A) Too many goddanged tournament advertisement in the MS discussion forums, which is great, but really annoys me, and (B) That
the same top MS players (Golden,Phipps,etc.) are mentioned over and over again as the total and utter representation of the top tier MS players as a whole.
So I wanted to start a thread where you can post the top players from your state. I'm a proud Texan, and can say that the top 10 players in TX are as follows:

Schuyler Colfax, Antonio Marques, Sohum Kulkarni, Emma Thompson, Claire Weber, John LeSage, Obaid Akbar, Johnny Miri, Vishal Sivamani(Please don't rip me to shreds),and Andy Zhu.

If you wanna add to the list, make a list for own state, or chide me on how stupid my list choices were and how i'm a good for nothing scoundrel, you can do that as well.

Let the games begin.

Vishal Sivamani
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Re: Top MS Players?

Post by swimmerstar »

Justin Young is the best that I've seen
Fred Zhang
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Re: Top MS Players?

Post by Steeve Ho You Fat »

vishdog101 wrote: Schuyler Colfax
His middle school eligibility must surely have run out 180 years ago!
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Re: Top MS Players?

Post by J. Young »

The middle school circuit in Virginia is pretty thin, with only two schools (Henley and Longfellow) going to last year's MSNCT. I've never actually seen Henley's best players in a tournament, so I can't provide any information on them. One of Longfellow's best players this year is William Wang, who came within fifteen points of beating Phipps some weeks ago.
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Re: Top MS Players?

Post by alexdz »

As a Missouri expat, I'm most familiar with that middle school circuit. This year so far there haven't been a significant number of pyramidal 20/20-style events, but there are a number coming up throughout March and April.

Some standouts this year, so far, are:
Audrey Bush (Washington MS)
Josh Even (Fatima MS)
Caleb Martonfi (Tuscumbia MS)
Harrison Adams (School of the Osage MS)

Plus, Missouri has a burgeoning elementary school circuit, currently dominated by Samantha Doepker from Clearview Elementary (in the Washington school district).
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Re: Top MS Players?

Post by the return of AHAN »

This player is pretty good, and he's only a 6th grader, having started playing for his school as a 4th grader;

And this player, as a 7th grader, led his team to last year's Illinois Class AA State Championship for scholastic bowl (bears some similarities to what everyone else plays; there are toss-up questions followed by bonus questions).
In his lone NAQT tournament, he averaged 105.9 PPG on an A set. He also played NHBB for Aptakisic, who went to the National Finals. Probably no chance of seeing him at MSNCT, though, as his school plays in the IESA State Series, which holds its state finals the same weekend as MSNCT. Look for him in the next few years, though, when he goes to Stevenson HS and his talent gains wider exposure.
Jeff Price
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