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USABB Nationals

Posted: Tue May 16, 2017 3:52 pm
by Irreligion in Bangladesh
The US Academic Bee and Bowl National Championship weekend is quickly approaching. If you're already signed up, we're excited to see you in two weeks! If you're not signed up yet and are interested in playing in one or more of the events, there's still time! Registration is open until Monday.

Full List of Events:
-US Academic Bee (all-subject buzzer quiz for individual students)
-US Academic Bowl (all-subject buzzer quiz for teams)
-National Science Bee (science buzzer quiz for individual students)
-National Humanities Bee (literature, arts, religion, myth, etc. buzzer quiz for individual students)
-US Geography Olympiad (geography, exam-based)
-International Geography Bee (geography, buzzer quiz; those who finish in the top 1/2 at Nationals qualify for the 2018 IGB World Championships in Berlin!)
-National Academic Battery Exam (all-subject exam)

Each event is contested in two separate divisions: Middle School for students in 7th and 8th grade, and Elementary for everyone younger. A full schedule of events is available here. If you don't yet have plans for the Memorial Day weekend and would be interested in joining us with your students or children, space is still available in all competitions, and registration is open until Monday the 22nd.

Over $10,000 in prizes are on offer, along with a chance to compete against like-minded high-achieving students from around the country in an exciting setting! For students competing at the National History Bee the following weekend in Atlanta, the various competitions also provide a chance to get important buzzer experience before that competition as well. Students who have qualified for the 2017 National History Bee National Championships may compete in the US Academic Bee and the National Science and Humanities Bees without further qualification needed.

*The two Geography events require students to take and pass a National Qualifying Exam, which they can do with a teacher or community volunteer as a proctor. If you have students interested in this option, please email [email protected] as soon as possible to learn how to take the exam over the next week.
*The National Academic Battery Exam does not require prior qualification.
*The US Academic Bowl is open to any team that has finished in the top half of a USABB Regional event or any other standard quizbowl tournament this year. Contact me if you're uncertain as to whether a tournament your team has attended applies.
*The National Science Bee, Humanities Bee, and the US Academic Bee is open to any individual who is playing on a qualified US Academic Bowl team, qualified to play USABB Nationals at a USABB Regional event, and/or was the first- or second-highest scoring player on a team that finished in the top half of a standard quizbowl tournament this year, so long as the tournament kept individual statistics. In addition, anyone interested in playing these individual events can write a letter of interest in which they describe their achievements in academic competition and/or their relevant classes in school.

Other details:
*All participants and their families coming on Memorial Day weekend must stay at the host hotel, the Hyatt Regency O'Hare, unless they are coming from within a 2 hour drive. Reservations must be made by following the instructions here.

For further questions about any aspects of the weekend, please email [email protected].

Thank you, and we hope to see you there!

Re: USABB Nationals - final call for players!

Posted: Tue May 16, 2017 7:27 pm
by idek
Mr. Fischer,

Coppell has registered with a team. Do you know when an updated field list sill be available? Also, are the stats from USABB Regionals ready to be posted on the USABB site?

Re: USABB Nationals - final call for players!

Posted: Tue May 16, 2017 8:04 pm
by Irreligion in Bangladesh
The updated field list is at this page, and I'll look into Regional stats. Thanks, and see you next week!

Re: USABB Nationals - final call for players!

Posted: Thu May 25, 2017 8:39 am
by idek
Is there an opening meeting to attend at USABB Nationals?

Re: USABB Nationals - final call for players!

Posted: Thu May 25, 2017 11:37 pm
by Irreligion in Bangladesh
Each event this weekend will have an opening meeting. All the opening meetings will take place in the International Ballroom, Salons D, E, and F. While attendance at each opening meeting is not required, it's a very good idea to be there, so you can hear the specific rules for each competition, ask questions, and generally be at the hotel with enough time before each event.

If you miss the Opening Meeting or are running late, you can check room assignments which will be posted around the international level, especially outside Heathrow B, which is the headquarters room and the help desk room for all your queries.

National Academic Battery Exam - Meeting at 2pm, Exams begin at 2:20pm
National Humanities Bee Prelims - Meeting at 3:50pm, Rd. 1 begins at 4:10pm
National Science Bee Prelims - Meeting at 6:45pm, Rd. 1 begins at 7:10pm

US Academic Bowl Prelims (Rds. 1-5) - Meeting at 8:30am, Rd 1 begins at 9:00am
National Humanities Bee Finals - Meeting at 12:45pm, Finals begin at 1pm
US Academic Bowl Prelims (Rds. 6-8) - NO MEETING. Be in Rd. 6 room at 1:55 (2pm start)
National Science Bee Finals - Meeting at 4:15, Finals begin at 4:30pm

US Geography Olympiad - Meeting at 9am, Exams begin at 9:30am
US Academic Bowl Playoffs - NO MEETING. Be in your room at 1:25 (1:30pm start)
International Geography Bee Prelims - Meeting at 3:25pm, Rd. 1 begins at 4:00pm

US Academic Bee Prelims - Meeting at 8:30am, Rd 1 begins at 9:00am
International Geography Bee Finals - Meeting at 12:40pm, Finals begin at 1:00pm
US Academic Bee Finals - Meeting at 2:15pm, Finals begin at 2:30pm

Re: USABB Nationals

Posted: Fri May 26, 2017 7:21 pm
by Irreligion in Bangladesh
US Academic Bee and Bowl weekend is off and running! This page has links to Google sheets with information, updated relatively live; for example, at the time of this post, the Battery Exam has been taken and is being graded, the Humanities Bee prelims have finished and scores are posted at its link, the Science Bee prelims will be starting in about an hour and room assignments are available at its link, and later events will have information posted once finalized.

Here's to a great weekend of competition!

Re: USABB Nationals

Posted: Tue May 30, 2017 8:37 am
by TheDoctor
On behalf of the editing staff, I'd like to say a big thank you to all of the writers for their contributions to this weekend's events.

The Geography Bee was written almost entirely by Sameer Rai, with contributions from Michael Borecki, Jakob Myers, and Brad Fischer.

The Science Bee was written mostly by Sameer Rai, Joe Su, and Noah Prince, with contributions from Mike Etzkorn, Brad Fischer, Justin Htay, Tyler Vaughan, Andrew Wang, Christopher Zheng, and myself.

The Humanities Bee was written almost entirely by Kurtis Droge, with questions from Sameer Rai, Tyler Vaughan, Eric Wolfsberg, James Fischer, and me.

The Bee and Bowl were a true team project, with questions from Michael Borecki, Kurtis Droge, Michael Etzkorn, Brad Fischer, Justin Htay, Alec Krueger, Emmett Laurie, Andrew Leung, Noah Prince, Sameer Rai, Zohra Sattar, Joe Su, Tyler Vaughan, Andrew Wang, Christopher White, and me. Ten of those writers contributed thirty or more questions to the Bee and Bowl.

I'd like to say a particular thank you to Sameer Rai for contributing over 300 questions to the collected sets; to Kurtis Droge for contributing almost 200; to Brad Fischer for contributing over 100; to Joe Su for writing nearly 100; and to Brad Fischer and Tyler Vaughan for their editing work. Thanks again to all of the writers for all of their hard work and excellent contributions.

(Shameless plug) If you're a high schooler or older and are interested in contributing to the USABB sets for next year, drop me a line at strey [dot] k [dot] a [at] gmail [dot] com.