Alexa can now read bonuses to you

Packet databases and other quizbowl sites, apps, or software should be discussed here.
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Which of these technologies do you have access to?

Amazon Alexa (including the Android phone app)
Google Assistant
Total votes: 37

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Alexa can now read bonuses to you

Post by btressler » Mon Jan 07, 2019 8:59 am

I would like to thank Fred Morlan and IQBT for giving me permission to do this.

I have published an Alexa skill capable of reading bonus questions. This skill currently includes the first 5 rounds of the 2018 NASAT. I will add rounds as I get time. It is free to enable.

Keep in mind the voice recognition is not perfect. You may very well may give the correct answer and Alexa will rule it wrong. (Best whiff: Alexa thought "p polarization" was "people are crazy Asian"). She rules Dirichlet wrong no matter what I say. The launch phrase is "bonus all stars" because she kept thinking NASAT was NASA.

Consider this a prototype. Your feedback is welcome.

The poll is to gauge my market. I can't promise I'm going to program virtual quizbowl on the Occulus, but I do have some interest in learning the technology.
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