Online spreadsheet scorekeeping

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Online spreadsheet scorekeeping

Post by ryanrosenberg » Sat Jun 08, 2013 4:43 pm

I've created a Google Doc to score-keep for a 12 team tournament. Moderators keep score on the scoresheet pertaining to their round, and the standings and individual stats automatically fill in. This is a preliminary version of what I hope to be a viable score-keeping option for smaller tournaments, but I'm making an announcement now in order to gather ideas and solicit some help in testing.

What does this do?
-- Automatically keeps team and individual stats for a 12-team, 8-round tournament (2x6 RR re-bracketed into 3x4 RR w/crossovers)
-- Makes bracketing and score-keeping a lot simpler. In addition to automated score compilation, teams are automatically placed into playoff brackets as well (ties broken by PPG).
-- Automatically fills in team and player names (player names for the prelim rounds only)
-- Allows people not at the tournament to see live stats and scoresheets.

What are potential problems?
-- The biggest problem is the reliability of Google Docs. Six moderators entering data simultaneously might cause some problems/slowdown. Permissions can be introduced into the docs allowing only the moderators to edit, but I don't know how/if that would help.
-- The next biggest problem is flexibility. It takes a fair bit of manual, repetitive work on my part to change anything regarding the type of tournament this can handle, and even more to potentially expand the number of teams. In addition to the slowdown issue mentioned above, which would be exacerbated by more room/rounds, I can't really see this ever covering much more than a 12-team full round robin (I do have some preliminary work done on creating a workbook for that, though).
-- Obviously, this can only be used by a host that has internet access for all moderators.

How can you help?
-- Testing! I've done some limited testing, but if you're in possession of a bunch of Excel scoresheets you want to send me, I'd be very appreciative.
-- If someone with more spreadsheet skill than I have (not much) has suggestions on how to improve the Doc, that'd be great.
-- Any other comments/suggestions/questions would be much appreciated.
Ryan Rosenberg
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Re: Online spreadsheet scorekeeping

Post by Realdeo » Sun Jun 09, 2013 10:14 pm

I found this an interesting program.
Kerenza Doxolodeo

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