NEG 5 uploading to HSQB/NEG 5 vs. SQBS

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NEG 5 uploading to HSQB/NEG 5 vs. SQBS

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Hi folks,

For me personally, score keeping in NEG 5 is much easier to do than on paper, but we use SQBS for every tournament. Is there a way to upload NEG 5 stats to HSQB? If not, is there a similar Score sheet system to NEG 5 that would work with SQBS?

thank you.
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Re: NEG 5 uploading to HSQB/NEG 5 vs. SQBS

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Not directly that I know of. This thread might help, and if you use NAQT questions and submit a valid Neg 5 file that would also be valid in SQBS (i.e., no team uses more than eight players in one game), I can send you the SQBS version.

That said, Neg 5 is extremely prone to allowing/producing invalid data; I still think using it is a bad idea if you want accurate results.
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