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Pandruwu Sheetz

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Hello! I am pleased to announce Pandruwu Sheetz, an electronic quiz bowl scoresheet, using only regular Google Sheet formulas and no coding. I have used versions of these sheets for some time now, and I'd like to release these to the greater community.

Pandruwu Sheetz is compatible with any format, including (but not limited to): PACE rules (bounceback bonuses, no negs, 20-point powers), ACF/NAQT rules (15/10/-5, bonuses that don't bounceback), error detection, and category stats, all within the sheet.

Pandruwu Sheetz works great mainly as a simple way to just run a scrimmage or a practice or to spectate a tournament. Some other features include:

- A "scoreboard", just like ones in stat reports, so you can share stats right after an event is over.
- 11 adjustable category slots so you can keep track of performance within categories for category stats.
- A "locked-in" feature for spectators to see when a game is mathematically impossible for a losing team to come back from.
- A win percentage calculator courtesy of Rajiv Pujara.
- Advanced stats like PP20TUH, P%, PPTUH, P/N, and G/N integrated right in the scoresheet.
- And we offer a simple and intuitive interface.

Although our sheets can be used alone, we also offer a "hub" that can keep track of up to 10 games. As of right now, it can report the progress of each game and the live score, compile stats, and other more in-depth features coming soon (such as cumulative category statistics, and even conversion stats).

More instructions are linked here, and I also created an example tournament (note that this tournament is running on an older version of Pandruwu Sheetz).

These scoresheets are made by me (Andrew Gao), with inspiration and help from various others, especially all the other great Quiz Bowl scoresheets, and I also got tons of help and feedback from the Middle School Quiz Bowl community.

To report bugs or feedback, please fill out our form here. Our website is linked here. I am also on Discord, at pandruwu#2222, and you can email me at [email protected]. All help is greatly appreciated, as I still expect many bugs.
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Re: Pandruwu Sheetz

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Pandruwu Sheetz are some of the best scoresheets that I have ever used. While these are recommended for team practices and spectating matches, they are also very suitable for running tournaments. The tournament hub feature integrated into these scoresheets is one of the main reasons that this is a scoresheet you should consider for your tournament.
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