John Charles Daly III (May 16, 2020)

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John Charles Daly III (May 16, 2020)

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Hello all!

Sorry for the delay in getting this together. I'd explain why but I know you don't actually care about my personal life.

Peter Torres and I are mostly done with JCD III and are hoping to play it in Orlando on May 16th, Covid Volente. It's going to be pretty similar to JCD 2 (with Lame rules:, it'll be 10 rounds rounds of 20/22 (unless it's 9 rounds. But it won't be, it'll be 10), and it'll follow pretty much this distribution.

3.5/3.6 TV
3.5/3.6 Film
3.5/3.6 Sports
3.5/3.6 Music
2/2.1 Games
2/2.1 Other
.5/.5 Trash Lit
1.5/1.6 Mixed/Misc

It'll be $85/team. If you've got a competent staffer, you're playing with one or two people, or you're bringing buzzers, let us know and it probably will not be $85 for you.

We'd love to have mirrors of this again if possible. If you're looking to mirror it, please talk to Peter because I can't be trusted to handle money, count, or much else really. You can reach him at: petertorres9 [at] gmail [dot] [com] or you can use smoke signals. If you're not sure if you'd like to mirror it or not, JCD 2 should appear on the archives in the next day or two. We're hoping for $20 per team for mirrors.

Good luck, everyone, and stay healthy! Hopefully I'll see you all there.
Bradley Kirksey
Mayor of quiz bowl at the University of Central Florida (2010-2015)
The club at Reformed Theology Seminary Orlando (2017 - 2055??)

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