ACRONYM 12: Global Announcement

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ACRONYM 12: Global Announcement

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Play Quiz Bowl is excited to announce ACRONYM 12, the latest edition of our flagship tournament. As with previous years, this will be geared toward a high school audience but will be accessible and fun at all levels.

Set Info and Distribution

ACRONYM 12 will be written by Erik Nelson, Danny Vopava, William Golden, and Matt Quinn. This year's distribution is slightly different than previous years, and will be as follows:

4/4 Movies (split evenly between 2010s and earlier)
4/4 TV (about two thirds recent, the rest older)
4/4 Music (1/1 each of pop, rock, rap/r&b and other/multi)
4/4 Sports (1/1 each of baseball, football, basketball, and other/multi)
1/1 Games (mostly video games)
1/1 Trash Lit
2/2 Other/Miscellaneous

When Can I Play?

ACRONYM 12 will be available for mirrors on or around the weekend of February 16th, 2019, and will remain available throughout the year. If you'd like to run a pop culture event as part of your season schedule this winter or spring, you can schedule it by contacting Erik Nelson via email at "erik has email", without the spaces, at Google's internet mail emporium.
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