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2018 Canadian Trash Player Poll

Posted: Sat Sep 15, 2018 9:57 pm
by everdiso
Hello, Canada! The summer has come to an end, and as promised, that means it's time for this year's trash player poll. Tournaments that have happened since the last poll are listed below, with links to the stats.

Super ACRONYM 2017:
OHIP Trash 2018: ... all_games/
ACRONYM 2018: ... all_games/
Canadian Hybrid 2018: ... und_robin/ NOTE: This was a hybrid (half-academic, half-trash) tournament, so consider it carefully.
CO Trash 2018: ... /playoffs/
John Daly Memorial Tournament: ... rles_daly/

Several trash side events have also run during this time. These tend to focus on specific areas, however, so be careful if using their statistics to help make your judgments.

FTP2 (HSNCT 2017): (Supposedly normal distribution but with a very heavy emphasis on memes and internet culture.)
The Celebs Are At It Again (Side Event Weekend 2017): on celebrities and "lowbrow" trash.)
Grab Bag (ACF Fall 2017): ... /grab_bag/ (An idiosyncratic tournament - description can be found here: ... 0&p=338465)

The rules are the same as for the academic edition: ballots must include 25 players, and can be submitted by messaging me on Facebook, emailing me at [email protected] or (the most fun way) posting them in this thread, preferably with commentary. Ballots are due by 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, October 20th. All players, whether open or not, are eligible, and the minimum number of tournaments played is 2. Have fun and rank well!

Re: 2018 Canadian Trash Player Poll

Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2018 8:19 pm
by Cosmas's Tabernacular Earth
I had analysis, but timed out and don't feel like typing it again. Oh well.

1. Chrstine Irwin
2. Aaron dos Remedios
3. Henry Atkins
4. Adam Swift
5. Brendan McKendy
6. Ian Greig
7. Erik Christensen
8. Derek So
9. Aayush Rajasekaran
10. Paul Kasinski
11. Simone Valade
12. Rein Otsason
13. Andrew Yim
14. Jenny Mao
15. Faith Barrett
16. Rodrigo Morante
17. Brian Luong
18. Joe DiMaria
19. Jay Misuk
20. Cooper Albertson-Webb
21. Leslie Newcombe
22. Milan Fernandez
23. Kira Vimal
24. Raymond Chen
25. Meghan Torchia

Re: 2018 Canadian Trash Player Poll

Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2018 12:53 am
by weebyjeebys
I've been excited for this for a bit, but I have not played at any tournaments, so here is my opinion based on a vague skimming of stats.

Christine, Adam, Aaron and Aayush make top 4 based on what I've seen in terms of stats, Ian Grieg has crushed me both times we play trash on Protobowl, and Milan Fernandez is a real nice lad who should be somewhere on the list. As is Paul.

That's all!

Re: 2018 Canadian Trash Player Poll

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2018 3:11 am
by Jean de Daumier-Smith
I am so incredibly un-free from sin.

1. Aaron Dos Remedios
Look on his works, ye mighty, and despair. Aaron is a veritable encyclopedia of post-1980s pop music knowledge but has had great gets and powers in all the major trash categories (including sports, which continues to baffle me because I genuinely have no idea where he gets that information from). I was hoping for more direct comparisons between him and Christine, but oddly enough they'd only played one tournament (John Daly) and one full side event (FOGEY) together, with Aaron finishing with a higher PPG in each case. Furthermore, Aaron’s consistent finishes within the top five individual scorers regardless of tournament difficulty/content or who his teammates are during the past year cement him as the best Canadian trash player.

2. Christine Irwin
Pipped to the #1 position by her lack of sports knowledge, Christine is nevertheless a great generalist who rarely ever negs. Her best categories seem to be movies and TV (she is arguably the best TV player in the circuit), where her deep knowledge covers all genres and time periods. When playing on her usual team of “Hard Brexit” alongside Adam, Leslie, and Brian, she can be a real force to be reckoned with as her teammates have very little overlap with her.

3. Adam Swift
Contrary to popular belief, Adam is definitely not just a sports player (although he's certainly one of the best in the circuit, being one of the few people to actually follow college football, various fighting sports, and certain “minor sports” like ultimate). A look at his stats, particularly at various “niche” side events (e.g. FOGEY and Celebs) would show that he’s a strong trash player in a variety of other categories, in addition to being a solid guarantee of at least three sports tossups every game.

4. Henry Atkins
I've only played Henry once (at OHIP Trash) so I can't quite say what his specialties are (though I've been told he's excellent at sports). However, his great showings at the aforementioned tournament (where he played on a team with Derek and outscored him by 20 PPG) and Canadian Hybrid show that he’s a top trash player. He was also part of one of the funniest moments I've ever experienced at a trash tournament, when he found out that the 1915 Italian silent film Titanic was not in fact about the ship.

5. Brendan McKendy
Brendan’s trash knowledge is incredibly deep but also extremely eclectic and often on the more “academic” side of things. It’s hard to say what his specialties really are due to the diversity and breadth of his expertise, which falls across all four of the major categories and frequently includes answerlines I either haven’t ever heard of or would never have known. He also had an incredible power-to-neg ratio at both Canadian Hybrid and John Daly. Overall, Brendan is a highly well-rounded trash player who will complement most teams due to a lack of overlap.

6. Derek So
Like with Henry, I’ve rarely played against Derek but I feel like his reputation precedes him enough for me to keep this blurb brief. However, I do know that he’s a great film player with some extremely deep knowledge, such as when he stayed in the promotion room at BUMPY the whole tournament. Likewise, his excellent performance at CO Trash demonstrates that his knowledge scales up effectively and that he’s better at more “academic” trash (which is pretty unsurprising).

7. Erik Christensen
It was really hard for me to figure out the final order of the next three players, but I ultimately decided to award seventh place to the maddest lad in all of Canadian Quizbowl due to the fact that, despite always playing with strong teammates and rarely ever doubling, Erik still consistently puts up great numbers across a variety of tournaments and side events. Erik is one of the best music players on the circuit, and covers parts of the distributions that the other top music players don’t, namely rap and rock (though his actual knowledge of music is some of the deepest and most niche I've ever seen). He’s also great at meme-related tossups, and can get some film when it’s more highbrow content that he's interested in.

8. Aayush Rajasekaran
Aayush is another great music player, but the polar opposite of Erik in terms of his specialties. As we all know, Aayush is a huge fan of contemporary pop and country music, and is almost unbeatable when questions about female artists in those genres come up. He’s also pretty good at television and celebrities in general, but is also capable of pulling totally unexpected answerlines from seemingly nowhere on music and movies he’s never heard or watched before. He also knows some tennis due to his incredible thirst for Roger Federer, and is the co-owner of the cutest cats in Quizbowl.

9. Paul Kasinski
Like Adam, Paul is often mistakenly categorized as “only” a sports player, though his knowledge in other categories is defined by its interest-based depth rather than its breadth. Unfortunately, the music he’s into is indie folk and rock that rarely comes up, while “his” movies are hard to describe and come from a variety of genres and time periods. Regardless, Paul is incredibly reliable when it comes to baseball and American football, and it’s likely that he’ll power both of those tossups in any given pack. He’s also great at hockey, international soccer, golf, and tennis. Paul shares my disdain for a lot of common bad sports question tropes and the default distro, so I’m very excited to play his sports questions at NBP.

10. Simone Valade
Simone is a great generalist in everything but sports, but I would say her best category is TV, where she seems to have watched every show that’s currently on-air and knows all sorts of things about plot elements, actors, and behind-the-scenes production-related facts. Her diverse knowledge also applies for music, film, musical theatre, and video games. She also rarely ever negs. I had a great time playing with her on Team Sardines and I hope she can make her way back to Ontario for many trash tournaments in the future.

11. Rein Otsason
It’s hard to say what type of player Rein is exactly, but it’s obvious that he has some very deep knowledge in specific topics related to his interests (i.e. the famed Reincore). These tend to be on the more highbrow/“prestige” and academic side of things, particularly in movies, TV, and music. As such, he’ll scale up well when it comes to more difficult tournaments like Super ACRONYM, but still consistently makes the top ten in individual scoring at the majority of tournaments. He gets bonus points for frequently bringing and sharing Bulk Barn snacks with everyone.

12. Ian Greig
Like Rein, Ian tends to focus on the more “highbrow” side of trash, but mainly in his film specialty. Ian is a great film player who’s seen a lot of both modern and historical movies, but his avoidance of blockbusters has hurt him at tournaments that mainly ask about more “mainstream” fare. Music is his secondary specialty, but again he mainly knows genres that don’t always come up. Despite this, he put up great numbers at OHIP Trash, though that was partly due to the fact that he played on a doubles team with Aayush (with whom he shares very little overlap). It’s unfortunate that he had to miss the Canadian CO Trash mirror, as I would’ve liked to see how his knowledge scales up.

13. Andrew Yim
Andrew’s stat-lines have fluctuated wildly, but it’s clear that he’s also a great film player that focuses on “prestige” content and niche genres, particularly horror and international cinema (both new and old). The fact that Andrew has seen such a diverse range of stuff (and knows it extremely well) is only properly highlighted at more difficult tournaments such as CO Trash and BUMPY, where he stayed in the promotion room all day. However, his strong finish at ACRONYM, where he played doubles, also indicates that he has a broad range of trash knowledge that gets shadowed by his teammates in most cases.

14. Cooper Albertson-Webb
I haven’t played Cooper much but judging by last year’s poll it seems like he’s a very good music player. The fact that he ended up with 30+ PPG at FOGEY also suggests that he knows more about older trash, but that’s just a guess.

15. Faith Barrett
I’ve only ever played Faith at FT2 so I have absolutely no idea what her categories are, but she had great performances there and at Super ACRONYM.

16. Jenny Mao
The misconception that I’m a sports player needs to end because I probably have the biggest “hours of sports watched to sports tossup gets” ratio due to the fact that everything I follow falls into the 1/1 “other” part of the distro. Instead, I can offer decent support in "highbrow" movies, old music, and some “geek content” like video games and anime. I also tend to do worse at tournaments that skew towards modern trash because I’m actually just three Baby Boomers in a trenchcoat.

17. Rodrigo Morante
I’m always amazed by Rodrigo’s buzzes due to his specialization in TV (probably my worst category), particularly when it comes to obscure old shows and the actors involved in them. He’s also a great basketball player, but has gotten other sports questions too. Like Brendan, with whom he frequently plays, Rodrigo rarely ever negs, and can be a highly useful supporting player on any team due to his unique specialties.

18. Jay Misuk
Jay is one of the best video game players on the circuit but is also a generalist who can get tossups in any category. His ranking is much lower than his stats would indicate due to the fact that he frequently plays on weaker teams and is responsible for the majority of their buzzes. He also negs frequently but I don’t think anyone is really surprised by this anymore.

19. Joe DiMaria
I don't really know anything about Joe's specialties, but he put up solid numbers at Super ACRONYM and OHIP Trash and apparently knows “weeb stuff,” which is always a plus in my books.

20. Leslie Newcombe
Like in academic, Leslie is a great supporting player on any team, though particularly on the “Hard Brexit” combination where she has little overlap with her teammates. Leslie is known for getting more “nerdy/geeky” content such as genre fiction and TV, but also for her obscure and eclectic knowledge in many categories. There have been many times when she’s been the only person on her team to know the answer to a bonus.

21. Brian Luong
The final member of the perennially successful “Hard Brexit” team, Brian offers support due to his deep knowledge of certain music genres (mainly indie rock and emo). He’s also good at meme content and internet culture, as demonstrated by his gets on Logan Paul and Ajit Pai at FTP3 and the fact that he randomly drew Loss on a table using chalk.

22. Mark Greig
I don’t even know how to begin writing about Mark. Not only have I never actually faced him in a Quizbowl tournament, but he also happens to be the most enigmatic person I’ve ever met. Despite his great results at Super ACRONYM on an otherwise weak team, his not-so-great showing at Hybrid and a lack of other stats about him push him to 22nd.

23. Raymond Chen
Raymond offers great support with his specialization on a topic that is not well-represented within the circuit, basketball (which I guess serves as an analogue to his biology player status in academic). However, he's also pretty knowledgeable about anime and other such “nerdy” content. Unfortunately, he loses style points for constantly attempting to purvey Fart Discourse to his teammates.

24. Milan Fernandez
Like the majority of film players in the Canadian circuit, Milan focuses on more highbrow movies but is very good at what he likes (which is probably the most niche and experimental out of all the players’ interests). This allows him to shine at more difficult tournaments like CO Trash where his deep and more academic knowledge comes into play. He would probably get any and every tossup on Synecdoche, New York.

25. Kira Vimal
I don’t know what Kira’s categories are (I think horror is at least one of them?) but I do know that she’s a really nice person who is the other co-owner of the cutest cats in Quizbowl.

I'm really sorry this took 28503761 years.

Re: 2018 Canadian Trash Player Poll

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2018 11:42 am
by Deepika Goes From Ranbir To Ranveer
1. Christine Irwin:

She is the best movies and TV player in the country, across all times and genres, a brilliant music player at her categories, is enough of a chart-follower to be decent at music outside of her strengths, and keeps up with all pop culture and celebrity gossip.

So let's address the obvious argument against her: Yes, the 4 sports tossups she snoozes through makes a sizeable dent in her value. But I think these polls should reflect the value a player adds to a generic team, and not hypothetical 1v1s. From that point of view, the consistent 30s she pulled at CO Trash on film and TV erase any doubt that may have been in my mind about her top-ranking.

Also, while I appreciate being described as almost unbeatable on female pop music, I would confidently state that one should put their money on Christine over me for those questions. She's ridiculous.

2. Aaron Dos Remedios

He is brilliant, and only slightly past his prime. His genuine thirst for knowledge of all things pop culture is what has made him the beast that he is. Best music player in the country.

3. Brendan McKendy

Very underrated. He knows a lot of things.

4. Henry Atkins
5. Adam Swift

He can't spell Christine's name.

6. Erik Christensen
7. Ian Greig

Second-best movies player in the country, I wanna say?

8. Paul Kasinski
9. Aayush Rajasekaran

I don't think that I am better than either Erik or Pol.

10. Simone Valade

Idk, I feel like this is way too low a position for her.

11. Andrew Yim

Very good player.

12. Faith Barrett


13. Rein Otsason
14. Derek So

He's not actually very good.

15. Rodrigo Morante

I feel like this is way too low.
16. Mark Greig

He's much better than people think!

17. Jenny Mao
18. Brian Luong
19. Joe DiMaria
20. Jay Misuk
21. Cooper Albertson-Webb
22. Leslie Newcombe
23. Milan Fernandez
24. Kira Vimal
25. Raymond Chen

Re: 2018 Canadian Trash Player Poll

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2018 12:20 pm
by Cheynem
I'm not Canadian, but Derek So seems very good to me after seeing him at CO Trash.

Is Jordan Palmer not eligible?

Re: 2018 Canadian Trash Player Poll

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2018 1:31 pm
by everdiso
Jordan hasn't played any tournaments in about 3 years (aside from one VETO that he played with his dad). Derek is indeed excellent and probably quite underrated.

Re: 2018 Canadian Trash Player Poll

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2018 5:08 pm
by Gene Harrogate
To anyone underrating Derek, CO trash has been brought up. I would also submit last years FLOREAT, where Derek put up 21 powers and 97 ppg on middlebrow movie questions (the next highest was 9 powers and 47 ppg). ... dividuals/.

At anything above the trashiest of trash, Derek is easily the best film player in Canada, if not North America.

Re: 2018 Canadian Trash Player Poll

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2018 8:46 pm
by everdiso
1. Aaron Dos Remedios
As he's moved, according to several people (himself included), "past his prime", Aaron's point totals haven't really fallen, but he's had to neg more to stay at that level. Hybrid in particular was a ridiculous negfest for both him and Rein - yet Aaron still top-scored. I doubt I really have much to add about Aaron's strengths that others can't cover, but he's the best music player on the circuit, good at movies and TV, has a particular dominance of the '90s, is even good at sports, and honestly has no weak categories (though he does neg too much).

2. Christine Irwin
Another season of high-scoring, low-or zero-neg performances has put Christine in a position to challenge Aaron for his title of best trash player on the circtuit. Her Acronym performance was one of the best anyone's had all year, but that set was very good for her, and a weak John Daly brought her down to second. But she's good money to beat Aaron (and most anyone) to most movie tossups, and she's honestly great at music and tv, too. Her lack of any sports production hurts her, of course, but never negging her teammates out of questions is an extremely valuable (and probably enjoyable-to-play-with) trait to have.

3. Henry Atkins
Henry is the first of McGill's big, underrated trash stars. Of the three sports players in my top 10, Henry is the best outside of sports, but also terrific at sports. He's the best football player on the circtuit, and to my great frustration, I don't think I've ever managed to beat him to a football tossup. his numebrs at OHIP were great, and at Hybrid were honestly eye-popping, even if some of that production came from academic. Getting beaten to quite a few sports tossups by Henry has motivated me to get better.

4. Brendan McKendy
Unfortunately, Brendan doesn't come down south to play tournaments anymore, but he does very well when defending his turf up north. His great Hybrid numbers have to be ascribed at least in part to his strength at academic, but he put up huge numbers at the John Daly while also not really negging (and one of those negs was bullshit anyway). Brendan is one of the circuit's few true generalists, who can really buzz on any category across the distribution, sports included. A very pleasant teammate to play with, but he needs to learn how to direct bonus answers to the reader rather than to the desk.

5. Adam Swift
Another great sports player. I always love playing football tossups against Adam, and we had some good battles on this at OHIP and Acronym this year. Unfortunately, we're not really competitive otherwise at sports, as Adam always gets the basketball (and college football) and I always get the baseball. But Adam's much better than me outside of sports, and while I can't really put my finger on what his strengths might be, he seems to have a lot of them. Being American also helps him on the Canadian circuit, as he knows country music very well and also gets a lot of tossups on questions that are really just about American life, like Waffle House or some shit.

6. Derek So
Probably the most underrated player on the circuit. By far the biggest gap in the rankings is between Derek at number 6 and Erik at number 7. Doubling Aaron's score at the Chicago Open put Derek in serious consideration for my number one ranking. That question set was pretty favourable to Derek, and he also did very well on the... academic content, and that together with his unremarkable performance at OHIP knocks him down, but this feels much too low, and if he'd played more tournaments, he might be higher. Overall, between lowbrow and highbrow/"academic" film, Derek has probably the best movie knowledge on the circuit, and he can get all sorts of music and TV, as well as trash lit. No sports, of course. I don't know if Aayush's ranking was a joke or what.

7. Erik Christensen
Erik has continued his evolution this year into an overall music player who can buzz, and early, on any music question. He's also been improving steadily as a movie player, though he's spottier there, and he'd actually get a decent amount of sports if he didn't always play with me. Erik and I tied while playing together at Acronym and Hybrid, and I outscored him at the Chicago Open. His outperformances of me at Super Acronym, OHIP and the John Daly outweigh that, though, and put him just above me.

8. Paul Kasiński
I slipped this year relative to last year, with a particularly weak performance at Super Acronym and OHIP trash. Much of that was due to those tournaments' poorly-written sports, but truth be told, I don't have enough knowledge outside of sports to be able to survive when I'm not converting my specialty. I'm still the best at baseball and golf, though, and good at football and most ""other"" sports. I tried not negging at the John Daly, but instead bagged 5 negs in our first three games.

9. Ian Greig
Ian's a good music and movie player, with a strength in pre-2000 content in both (though he's been getting better at modern stuff). He's also one of the best non-superhero comic players in Canada, but he doesn't score at all in sports or video games, and rarely does in TV. He started strong at Super Acronym, but his Acronym performance wasn't that great considering he played on a two-man team, and he was up-and-down otherwise. Still, Ian's improved a lot over the past couple of years, mostly by getting more in-touch with modern content in his two strongest categories. Always a good teammate.

10. Aayush Rajasekaran
Aayush winds up just behind Ian due to being outperformed by him when they were teammates at both Acronyms, super and regular. He did very well at OHIP, though, as newer content is his forté - particuarly music, and particularly female pop music. He's also a good movie player, at both modern content and horror movies of any era.

11. Rein Otsason
Rein is probably this year's most improved trash player. He burst out of the gates with a strong performance, though on a weak team, at SUPER ACRONYM and hasn't looked back. He's started watching (and reading about) a ton of movies, and that's expanded his old strong areas to become a generally good movie player. He knows a lot of musicians old and new as well. He doesn't even neg that much in trash... usually.

12. Simone Valade
If there were a trash rookie of the year award, it'd go to Simone. In her first year of QB, she put up strong performances while playing with the Sardines at OHIP and Acronym, and led her team at the Chicago Open, though she didn't do well at the John Daly. TV is probably Simone's specialty, but she's honestly a good non-sports generalist, with solid music knowledge, especially in classic rock.

13. Jenny Mao
Another veteran sardine. Jenny's best known for her sports knowledge, but because it's all in sports that American trash writers ignore, she mostly has to rely on movies and music (as well as the occasional internet culture questions) for points. Jenny was the fourth-scorer (though a strong one) both times for the Sardines, but she did really well at the John Daly, and in the middle of F.T.P. 2's carnage, she actually bagged in points. Simone always outscored her on the Sardines, though, so despite that great John Daly performance, she ends up one spot behind her.

14. Joe DiMaria
Joe put up a fantastic performance at OHIP, one that, even on a bottom-bracket team, was worthy of a top-10 ranking. But unfortunately, I'd need to see more than one great performance to put him that high, and his only other showing, at Super Acronym, was decent but not great. However, if Joe plays more this year, I wouldn't be surprised to see him rise quite a bit in next year's rankings. Especially if we ever mirror WEABOO.

15. Brian Luong
I've always thought of Brian as the weaker trash half of his couple, but he ended the season with a string of strong performances that made me re-evaluate that, perticularly at OHIP, where he had a high PPG, and at Acronym, where his power numbers were strong. Either way, both his and Leslie's numbers are generally depressed by playing with Adam and Christine. Brian knows a looot of music, but most of what he listens to doesn't really come up, with a few exceptions. He's also got elite meme knowledge, but sadly, that was best demonstrated outside of trash this year, with his powers-followed-by-suspicious-looking-smiles on HSNCT's Ajit Pai and Logan Paul tossups.

16. Andrew Yim
His remarkable top-scoring performance at Super Acronym aside (check it out for yourselves), Andrew had an up-and-down year. Even accounting for the fact that he was on a two-person team, his numbers, particularly his powers, were strong at ACRONYM. But he wasn't able to score much when on a strong team at OHIP, and he did all right in Chicago. Overall, a strong movie player who also does well at video games.

17. Faith Barrett
Faith played only two tournaments on her visit from Calgary, and one of them was a side event. She did quite well at Super Acronym, though, even taking into account the weakness of her team, and solidly at F.T.P. 2. Faith knows music well, especially classic rock, and I think TV is another strength. Having come of age as a baseball fan in the early 2000s, I greatly appreciate the fact that her guess on all baseball questions is, for some reason, Sammy Sosa.

18. Rodrigo Morante
Rodrigo was a tough one to rank. He did well at the John Daly, especially considering that he and Brendan have a lot of overlap. But he did poorly at Hybrid, and I'm not weighing his excellent Grab Bag performance too heavily since it was a quirky set. Judging by Rodrigo's past performances, if he'd played more than two tournaments (plus a side event) in the past year and a third, he'd probably be quite a bit higher. but that can't be justified on the basis of these performances. Regardless, he's still very good at basketball and quite a lot of non-sports topics.

19. Mark Greig
Another difficult one. Mark had a very strong performance at Super Acronym but a very weak one at Hybrid. He has deep but somewhat niche music tastes, so his set-inconsistent performances and (at Super Acronym) high power rate would make sense. He's also the only person on the circuit who can challenge me at (modern) baseball, so playing with his brother (who shares lots of music knowledge with him) and me at Hybird probably hurt his numbers there. Almost never negging is a key skill.

20. Jay Misuk
Jay usually plays on fairly weak teams, which inflates his P.P.G.s. Unfortunately for him, his big strength, video games, is only a small part of the distribution. Unlike Rein, he doesn't... rein in the negging when playing trash.

21. Cooper Albertson-Webb
Cooper kind of disappeared off the circuit after two uncharacteristically poor performances to start the trash season. He's a better player than what he showed at Super Acronym and OHIP, but those were the only tournaments he played in this window. Usually very good at music.

22. Leslie Newcombe
Like Brian, Leslie "Joe Su" Newcombe's numbers usually get hurt by playing with Canadian quizbowl's best trash couple. She didn't do well when separated from them at OHIP, though.

23. Kira Vimal
Kira only played twice this year. She did better on the trash at Hybrid than at Super Acronym.

24. Meghan Torchia
Meghan has some good TV knowledge, but it's pretty concentrated in a few shows (though they are big ones that come up often). She'll occasionally buzz on any non-sports part of the distro, but not cosistently.

25. Milan Fernández
Milan's very good at highbrow movies, and apparently (the stats aren't posted) put up a strong performance at BUMPY last year. He also knows some TV and music but is spotty outside of his movie base. He did well at the Chicago Open. Unortunately, Aaron and Rein pretty much totally shadow him in academic and trash, respectively, so Hybrid was a waste of his knowledge.

Re: 2018 Canadian Trash Player Poll

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2018 11:13 pm
by Jean de Daumier-Smith
everdiso wrote: Fri Oct 26, 2018 8:46 pm P.P.G.s
I can't believe I had to read this with my own eyes. It's basically a war crime.

Re: 2018 Canadian Trash Player Poll

Posted: Sat Oct 27, 2018 4:29 am
by Wartortullian
Jean de Daumier-Smith wrote: Fri Oct 26, 2018 11:13 pm
everdiso wrote: Fri Oct 26, 2018 8:46 pm P.P.G.s
I can't believe I had to read this with my own eyes. It's basically a war crime.
Says someone from a country that calls a packet a "pack."