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TUPAC (Auditory Pop Music Tournament)

Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2019 1:56 pm
by ahuff
I am excited to announced TUPAC (Tournament Uncovering Players' Auditory Cognizance). This tournament will be 6-8 packets of 20 pyramidal pop music audio questions that are about 55-90 seconds each with somewhere from 5-8 clues per question. I'm using Imaginary Landscape as a model but with adjustments for the fact that vocalists in pop music are often really easily identifiable.

6 Rock Music
5 Pop Music
4 Hip-Hop
2 R&B
1 Jazz
2 Mixed/Other/Place for Weird Answerlines

All genres are widely defined and the questions will cover a number of sub-genres and eras. That said, questions on mediocre music are boring, so most of the tossups will be on things that I find to be particularly good, bad, original, or otherwise noteworthy in the history of pop music.

My aim is for about 30% of questions to be on something that could be tossed up in an ACF Fall set, 50% on things that could reasonably be tossed up in a regular+ difficulty set, and 15% hard answers to test deep knowledge.

Like SOUNDTRACK or IMAGINARY LANDSCAPE, the questions will begin by telling you what I am looking for (i.e. "Name the artist" or "Name the common title"). Most of the answers will be on artists or common links, but I have more creative answers when they can be done without being confusing for the player.

At the moment, the set is about 10% written with 50% of the answers chosen.
My goal is to have it mirrored at NSC and during the summer if possible, with it being ready Fall 2019 at the latest.

Re: TUPAC (Auditory Pop Music Tournament)

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 10:21 am
by ahuff
I'm going to use this post for updates to the set as I have them.

UPDATE 1: The set will be finished by July 1. If anybody wants to mirror it for a summer open, PM me here or email me at afhuff AT uchicago DOT edu.