64-bit Soundbyte (Actual Official Announcement)

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64-bit Soundbyte (Actual Official Announcement)

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So now that I can a run date established and know there's at least some interest, I'll go ahead and official announcement my mini-event "64-bit Soundbyte". This was originally meant to be run at the Purdue Side Event, but that got killed off, so it's now being run at the Illinois Side Event on Friday (or whenever Mike Etzkorn tells me it will be run).

It will be 5 packets of 16 NAQT/ACRONYM length tossups. Each packet will be ~50% video games and ~50% music. There will be one tossup on video game music per packet. Difficulty is intended to range from halfway below SUPER ACRONYM to at SUPER ACRONYM. Tossups will be written by me and the Purdue University quiz bowl team.

Tournament is free, but I won't turn down any money if given.

If you are interested in playing this at the Illinois Side Event, please write your name here so I can more accurately gauge how much interest there is: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing
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