Call for writers: Before-and-Afters

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Call for writers: Before-and-Afters

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Four years ago, I called for writers for a set of before-and-afters, like those end-of-year ones written by John Lawrence or those found here, to be read at moderator scrimmages or nationals or whatever. That effort produced the attached set. I think it's time for some fresh material.

I am looking for people to contribute half-packets of 12 tossups. I will then edit and assemble the contributions.

The style should be that every answer line combines an academic and a trash answer line. The distribution of academic answer lines should follow ACF distribution (but only half of it), and the trash answer lines should follow (half of) a reasonable trash distribution. I will trust writers to adhere to the spirit of those guidelines, especially when rounding the number of questions in a particular category up or down, to encourage interesting questions that lots of people will enjoy.

You can find some advice I wrote for new before-and-after writers in this post.

If you are interested in submitting a half-packet or you would like to play the questions at some point, please post in this thread.
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Re: Call for writers: Before-and-Afters

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I'd love to contribute again, and in fact I've already got a half-packet started and this will be impetus to finish it.
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