TEENick (all-Nickelodeon, Summer 2020)

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TEENick (all-Nickelodeon, Summer 2020)

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This is an announcement for Tossups Exclusively Emphasizing Nickelodeon (TEENick), an upcoming trashy side event consisting of ten rounds of slime-soaked tossups about the basic cable channel.

Any show created or produced for Nickelodeon or its sister networks is fair game. Tossups will ask about specific shows and characters but also expect cross-show common links, dives into channel personalities and assorted Nick esoterica. Questions emphasize programming from the 1990s and 2000s but there are forays into all decades of the channel’s existence from its earliest days through whatever catchy nickname we’re calling this decade. The set skews slightly more toward animation than live-action.

Good shows will be referenced repeatedly.
Disney’s Brand Spanking New Doug does not exist.


Current progress: I’ve Bon Jovi’d the set: 100/200 completed with answers for the vast majority of remaining tossups selected.

I’m planning to have this set ready by summer but can/will move up production if there's a natural spot to place.
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Re: TEENick (all-Nickelodeon, Summer 2020)

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This institution is paired with “Consumer Citizenship” in the subtitle of a 2007 book by Sarah Banet-Weiser. That book uses Susan Sontag and Naomi Klein to analyze this entity’s “camp” qualities. A song associated with this entity revises the song “Iko Iko” by the Dixie Cups, with such lyrics as “Talk about Hey Now…Going to Celebration.” Peggy Charren, who opposed similar institutions, once claimed this entity “deserves every award it’s gotten.” This institution did not see major success until the presidency of Geraldine Laybourne. One of its “Bill of Rights” says to its constituency “you have the right to make mistakes without someone making you feel like a jerkhead.” Technically beginning in Columbus, Ohio, as part of QUBE, it was known as the “green vegetable” choice under its original name, Pinwheel. For 10 points, name this entity whose namesake anthem begins “2, 4, 6, 8—SPLAT!!”, reflecting its tendency to slime people on its many television programs for children, such as You Can’t Do That on Television.
Apropos of nothing, this was my attempt in 2010 to write an academic tossup on Nickelodeon.
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Re: TEENick (all-Nickelodeon, Summer 2020)

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Any word on this packet?
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