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John Charles Daly III (Postponed)

Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2020 8:37 pm
by bradleykirksey
Hello all!

Sorry for the delay in getting this together. I'd explain why but I know you don't actually care about my personal life.

Peter Torres and I are mostly done with JCD III. It'll be ready for mirrors in late May if anyone's entrepid enough to run a tournament then. It's going to be pretty similar to JCD 2 (with Lame rules:, it'll be 10 rounds rounds of 20/22 (unless it's 9 rounds. But it won't be, it'll be 10), and it'll follow pretty much this distribution.

3.5/3.6 TV
3.5/3.6 Film
3.5/3.6 Sports
3.5/3.6 Music
2/2.1 Games
2/2.1 Other
.5/.5 Trash Lit
1.5/1.6 Mixed/Misc

It'll be $85/team. If you've got a competent staffer, you're playing with one or two people, or you're bringing buzzers, let us know and it probably will not be $85 for you.

We'd love to have mirrors of this again if possible. If you're looking to mirror it, please talk to Peter because I can't be trusted to handle money, count, or much else really. You can reach him at: petertorres9 [at] gmail [dot] [com] or you can use smoke signals. If you're not sure if you'd like to mirror it or not, JCD 2 should appear on the archives in the next day or two. We're hoping for $20 per team for mirrors.

Good luck, everyone, and stay healthy! Hopefully I'll see you all there.

Edit: Peter and I have decided that, whether or not it's safe to run a tournament this summer, it wouldn't be wise, as a lot of our friends would either have to sit out or be afraid. So, we're postponing this to some time tbd, ideally late summer or early fall. We're still going to be ready for mirrors in late May.

Re: John Charles Daly III (Postponed)

Posted: Sun Apr 12, 2020 8:35 pm
by bradleykirksey
Because of the COVID crisis, this has been postponed to a later date. It's still mostly done, we'll meet any deadlines we've set for other mirrors so far, but we think it's unwise to run a tournament at that point, and it was probably overly-optimistic to try.