2019 PACE NSC Distribution

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2019 PACE NSC Distribution

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Below is the template distribution for the PACE NSC 2019 question set, courtesy of head editor Ike Jose.

This distribution lists how many tossups/bonuses will be included from each category out of the 20 tossups and 20 bonuses in regular play per packet. For an example, 4/4 Literature indicates that there will be 4 literature tossups and 4 literature bonuses every packet. Fractions indicate that that category may not be represented equally every round. For an example, .75/.75 World Literature indicates that out of every 4 packets, 3 packets will include 1 world literature tossup, and 3 packets will include 1 world literature bonus.

4/4 Literature

1/1 American Literature

1/1 British Literature

1/1 European Literature

1/1 World and Miscellaneous Literature

4/4 History

1/1 American History

1/1 European/British History

1/1 World History

1/1 Cross History, Miscellaneous History, and Historiography

4/4 Science

1.1/1.1 Biology

.8/.8 Chemistry

1/1 Physics

1.1/1.1 Astronomy, Earth Science, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineer

3/3 Fine Arts

1/1 Painting

1/1 Music

1/1 Other Fine Arts

3.5/3.5 Religion, Mythology, Philosophy, and Social Science

1/1 Religion

1/1 Mythology

.75/.75 Philosophy

.75/.75 Social Science

1.5/1.5 Current Events, Geography, and General Knowledge

.5/.5 Current Events

.5/.5 Geography

.5/.5 Miscellaneous/Other Academic/General Knowledge
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