Middle school NASAT type thingy bob.

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Middle school NASAT type thingy bob.

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I'm going to keep this simple, a middle school NASAT or NASAT type tournament sounds fun. Wondering what other Quiz Bowl players thought about this.
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Re: Middle school NASAT type thingy bob.

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This would probably be difficult to organize. Many states have much less of a central organization at the MS level compared to the HS level. While such a tournament probably wouldn't require a custom-produced set like NASAT does, it would likely face a lack of interest (I'd be surprised if more than ten states had any interest), exacerbated by the fact that middle school players tend to be less "plugged in" to the national circuit than high schoolers.

Maybe IQBT can expand downwards in a few years, who knows? It's probably not going to happen anytime soon, though.
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Re: Middle school NASAT type thingy bob.

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Conor's probably right about the lack of interest. IIRC, NASAT's breakeven point was with more teams than that, though it did necessitate the creation of a separate set, which might not have to be the case here. I would think that most states do not have enough of a developed MS circuit to the point that it would be something of a sham national, with very few states participating.
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Re: Middle school NASAT type thingy bob.

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Even if there was a critical mass of national quizbowl organizations to support the creation of a junior NASAT... When are you playing it? July?
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