Northwestern University "Wake Up Call" (10/16/2010)

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Re: Northwestern University "Wake Up Call" (10/16/2010)

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David Riley wrote:I agree that more attention should have been paid to logistics for what was otherwise a well-run tournament.

Then, I read for teams of varying ability levels within the novice classification, and my only complaint there were the number of teams that came in with the "committee conference" mentality, i.e., when they conferred on bonuses, it was as though they had unlimited time. I followed the timing rules but had to explain to several teams that the clock was ticking!

I also thought--and I know this is strange coming from me--that for a first tournament, bouncebacks might have been used. I got the impression that many of these students had never played before yesterday.

And, I understand that subapalooza was rampant at the middle school level.. :roll:
Rampant? SAA, Franklin, and Station A had no subs, Station B had one sub.... But St Ray's had enough to field two teams easily.

As for the level of competitiveness of the Barrington A team, if I'd have e-mailed you Friday night that John G. had just e-mailed me to say he wasn't coming, would you have really rewritten the brackets? And didn't our A team go 7-2 in the prelims? Is that so bad? We lost two close consolation bracket games to New Trier A and Fenton A; a pair of respectable teams for which I won't apologize for losing to. If you thought we were going to outclass IMSA, Latin, and Loyola... well, sorry to disappoint you!
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