2010 Fall Novice Discussion

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Frater Taciturnus
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2010 Fall Novice Discussion

Post by Frater Taciturnus »

The last mirror of the 2010 Fall Novice tournament has happened. The set is now available here.

Generally, I thought there were a few things that may have been too hard, especially in some of the science and literature.

Head-editors for this tournament were:
-Stephen Eltinge (Science, Geography, Trash, Current Events)
-Matt Jackson (History, RMP, Social Science)
-Doug Graebner (Literature, Fine Arts)

Thanks go out to:
Matt, Doug, Stephen, Phil Yakushev, Saajid Moyen, Ben Cole, Aaron Pellowski, Connie Prater, Nikhil Desai, Benji Nguyen, Daniel Chupin, Dallin Kelson, Tanay Kothari ,Michael Coates, James Lasker, Thomas Littrell, Sandy Huang, York Chen, James Bradbury, Siddharth Hariharan, Diana Gerr, Trey Taraila, Graham Moyer, Daniel Brach-Neufeld, Vikram Somu, Sam Haynes, Dylan Becraft, Olivia Murton, Kay Li, Alexa Andaya, Craig Chval, Isaac Hirsch, Abid Haseeb, Craig Smith

for writing and editing this tournament, and to Andy Watkins for helping me make sure it all got done on schedule.
George Berry
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Kwang the Ninja
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Re: 2010 Fall Novice Discussion

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Anyone who played this set owes a humongous debt of gratitude to George for making sure that all the deadlines for this project were met. There is a very small chance this set would've gotten done on time (or at all) without him.
Dallin Kelson
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Re: 2010 Fall Novice Discussion

Post by BlueDevil95 »

I want to start off by saying that this is one of the best sets I have heard. I'll miss it next year when I won't be able to play it.

The distribution between science, literature, and history stayed right on, and all the minor categories were still represented well. I think that the difficulty stayed in the range of most 9th and 10th grade teams. Being a literature guy, I'd say that most of them were gettable, and none of them were outrageously outside the range. From what I can see, the NAQT You Gotta Know fine arts pages correlate with the questions. The history was very nice, and being a novice at science, I can't really comment on that.

The final round that we played v. Dorman seemed to be appropriate for the teams that made it that far. I'm not sure how Chattahoochee fared v. Walton (I know Hooch won), so maybe Mr. Rountree can comment on that.

Finally, thank you Mr. Berry and company for writing such a good set! Norcross appreciates the effort, as I'm sure all the teams that participated did! Our 2011-2012 JV team looks forward to the next one!
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