Cross-posting: Imaginary Landscape no. 1 at HSNCT

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Cross-posting: Imaginary Landscape no. 1 at HSNCT

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(I don't know if this is in the appropriate high school section, so moderators, feel free to move it there.)

I'm pleased to announce Imaginary Landscape no. 1, a tournament of pyramidal audio tossups to be held Saturday night after rounds are done at HSNCT. It's being written by Dave Letzler, John Lawrence, and me, and will consist of (likely) 160 audio tossups on mostly classical music, with jazz and a few other subjects thrown in. Each tossup is around a minute long, and contains 5 or 6 snippets of music arranged from least famous to most famous. Before each tossup, the moderator will say "name the composer" or "name the work" to prevent vagueness.

The tournament will likely work by splitting the field up into rooms of 8, playing a quick 20-tossup seeding round, reseeding players based on their performance in that round (top 2 from each room going to the top room, next 2 going to the second-best room, and so on). We'll play n/8 rounds, where n is the number of players in the field; after each round, the top 2 players in each room will move up a room, the bottom 2 players in each room will move down a room, and everyone else will stay where they are. After those rounds are finished, the 8 players in the top room will play a 40 tossup finals round, with the winner of that round winning the tournament.

The entry fee is fifteen dollars per person, and it will almost certainly take place at least an hour or more after rounds finish on Saturday. We currently have 73 tossups finished, and the majority of them are quite accessible by the end, in my opinion, while still containing plenty of clues to differentiate levels of knowledge. Anyone can play.

If you have any questions about this tournament, or would like to sign up for it, please email [email protected] or post here. I'm looking forward to building on Andrew Hart's tournament and seeing who in quizbowl really knows their music.
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Re: Cross-posting: Imaginary Landscape no. 1 at HSNCT

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The original post has been updated here-- ... =8&t=11023
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