Interest check: Chicagoland tournament, 4/30 or 5/21

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Interest check: Chicagoland tournament, 4/30 or 5/21

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To what extent would people be interested in playing a tournament at Loyola Academy (or perhaps another north Chicagoland site) on April 30 or May 21? This would be sort of a spiritual successor to last year's QUALM-FREE, and we would use the GREYSON set or, if the May 21 date is selected, the set is available, and people would prefer it, the Maryland Spring set.

If you are potentially interested, please post here or otherwise let me know. If you have a date preference or set preference, please so indicate.

I cannot yet promise that this tournament will happen even if there is sufficient interest — room reservations and the like — but I'd sure like it to.
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Re: Interest check: Chicagoland tournament, 4/30 or 5/21

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Could someone mirror a trash tournament or a hybrid tournament like BLASTOISE? I'd definitely be interested in playing that and is there a chance of trash4strophe happening? Either date works for me
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