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Re: It's Academic discussion

Posted: Thu May 26, 2011 12:37 am
by Howard
DumbJaques wrote:Again, if you're not using specifics here, it doesn't really help anyone improve their behavior even if they agreed 100% with what you're saying. I can't imagine how boycotting a tournament that will be to the benefit of your students because of a personal beef with some dude half your age can possibly be a good coaching decision, but again I can't take what you're saying and reevaluate my position because you're just speaking in generalities and referencing ambiguous events.
To my knowledge, this has to do with patterns, statements, and attitudes over a period of time. But under no circumstance do I intend to drag another coach's internal team matters onto this board without that coach bringing them here first. To do so would violate what I believe is a reasonable level of trust that is implicit in my possession of the knowledge in the first place. If that makes my argument weaker, then that's the way it'll need to be until such a time as the individuals involved bring the issue here.

If I'm making an argument for or against a specific item posted here, it'll typically be obvious what that item is. If I'm making a general argument, referencing a particular person will do little to define that argument either way. Indeed, the argument should stand on its merits regardless of any individuals who may have a stake. This is analogous to hearing protests without knowing the effect of the outcome of the protest.