Online Skype Practice League

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Re: Online Skype Practice League

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Thanks to Dave for running this. It was a great way for me to get some competitive quiz bowl in before my first tournaments. I hope lots of other players take advantage of this.
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Re: Online Skype Practice League

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Yes, I, too, found it fun and interesting, although I personally failed terribly. It ran smoother than expected, but I have an idea that could make it even smoother for future seasons. During the calls, I noticed that oftentimes there would be background noise from someone, like crickets, or someone's parent yelling at somebody, or somebody typing loudly while David was reading. My idea would be for everyone but David to mute their mics while he's reading, and once they buzz and are recognized, to unmute and say the answer. If they get it wrong, then they would just mute again. If they get it right, then the entire team of that person unmutes their mics for the bonus, and once it's over, that team would remute their mics. This may sound like a lot of unnecessary work, but sometimes it was really hard to hear David. It's hard enough since I'm deaf in one ear, and this would make it considerably easier for me and for those who have normal hearing to hear the questions being read.
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Re: Online Skype Practice League

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I would like to thank David Madden for setting this up it was a great time and just a fun experiance to meet new people and also great team names. I recommend this and ACE quizbowl camp too every player these two things along with history bowl and bee are priceless opportunities to become a player on a whole other level. I only wish I wasn't a senior to experience anyone even if you are a freshmen do the skype league go to camp and by senior year you will have met amazing one of a kind people and taken in so much knowledge it will be invaluable. Ryan, Ben, Sohan it was great meeting and playing with you guys Khan Artists always keep in touch and maybe we can play with or against each other again sometime. You guys gave it your all an we gave it a great run wouldn't trade this experience for anything.
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Re: Online Skype Practice League

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Congratulations to Nolan Winkler, Jason Fern, Rodrigo Morante, Eamon Thomasson of the Fracas from Caracas; the OSPL Rd. 1 Champions. They have all won free entry into a National History Bee regional or state tournament, along with the right to play in the OSPL Champions League in the spring. Thanks to everyone who participated, including Greg Bossick for reading tonight as my voice was shot. Tell your teammates to play OSPL! (and History Bee and Bowl too...)
Team stats are posted in the first thread; individual stats will follow shortly.
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