Lisgar Collegiate Institute's Fall Novice Mirror

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Lisgar Collegiate Institute's Fall Novice Mirror

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Lisgar Collegiate Institute will be hosting a mirror of the 2011 Fall Novice on October 22, 2011. It will be held at the school at 29 Lisgar Street, Ottawa, Ontario. It will begin hopefully around 9 and end no later than 5.

The set used will be the Fall Novice 2011 set, which has no powers, 20 tossups and 20 three-part, ten point each, bonuses per pack. Pop culture is less than 5% of the questions.


The Fall Novice is a quizbowl tournament meant for inexperienced high school players.

Since Ontario has a strong following for the Canadian high school trivia format, the restrictions will be more lenient.

Any grade 9 or 10 is eligible, and the TDs will consider separately each ease of a grade 11 or 12 student wanting to play.

Generally, a grade 11 or 12 will not be allowed to play if they:

a) 2 or more years in which they have at least competed in at least one NAQT IS-A level quizbowl tournament or higher, including equivalent, fully-academic university level tournaments (e.g. ANGST, VETO, etc.), and they have not scored over 20 PPG in any of these events.

b)3 or more years in which they played Reach for the Top at a city-wide event, making the top playoff pool in any one year.

However, these are just general guidelines, and if a grade 11 or 12 wants to play, their case will be considered.

$30: First team
$20: Additional team(s)
-$5: A working buzzer system
-$5: Travelling over each 100 km to reach the Lisgar campus, through google maps of Lisgar's campus to the team's campus
FEE WAIVED: If a team requires accommodation in Ottawa overnight for one or two nights.

Tournament structure will consist of round robin pools and then round robin playoffs and consolation rounds. Teams will be sorted based on W/L. Tiebreaks will be broken by PPB. An ACF style finals will be played for determining first place.

Not confirmed yet as school year has not begun.
Earl of March - 1-2
House teams - 3-4
Rest TBD

TDs: joesu235ATgmailDOTcom , arcticDOTwarfare338ATgmailDOTcom
Teacher/coach ruthDOTcrabtreeAThotmailDOTcom
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Re: Lisgar Collegiate Institute's Fall Novice Mirror

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The tournament had a Lisgar/Lisgar final, a 3rd-place Earl of March team that had the best stats on paper, a Glebe team and 7 Colonel By teams.
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Re: Lisgar Collegiate Institute's Fall Novice Mirror

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