Starting a new team

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Starting a new team

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To whom it may concern,
A friend and I, both over achievers and honor students, are attempting to start an academic team at our school in Massachusetts. We were hoping for a few pointers or tips concerning this endeavor. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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The first and foremost piece of advice that I can give you concerning starting a new team is to find a coach/sponser who is willing, enthusiastic and able to put in the time needed for your team. In tenth grade at my school I had to find a new JV coach to have a team and in doing so, found a great new teacher who has supported our jv (and now varsity) team in any way that he can. I cannot tell you how difficult it would be to try and go to tournaments or even practice without his help. Anyways, find a good coach and you will have a good team.
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Check this highly relevant article out.

Your closest major university holding a HS tournament would probably be Yale (i don't know whether Harvard and/or MIT do high school stuff, i don't think so)
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ChopinManiac wrote:Anyways, find a good coach and you will have a good team.
Find kids who enjoy learning and you'll have a better team. Such kids also do much to convince reluctant prospective sponsors.
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Verbman: I would also check with coacches from Vermont and New Hampshire, they have a well-organized quiz bowl circuit (not sure that Massachusetts does). Send me an email [email protected] I can give you more information.