New QTQ High School Question Set is Available

Dormant threads from the high school sections are preserved here.
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New QTQ High School Question Set is Available

Post by QuizTeamQuestions » Wed Oct 19, 2011 5:32 pm

2011-2012 High School Competition Series A

This set has 12 rounds of quiz bowl questions in the traditional toss-up/bonus format. Each round consists of 16 tossups and 16 3-part bonuses with an additional tie-breaker/replacement tossup and an additional replacement bonus. Tossups and bonuses are paired together by overall category. To ensure consistency of play, every round uses the exact same content distribution with one tossup/bonus pair from each of the following categories:

1 - US History (mostly Antebellum)
2 - US History (mostly Postbellum)
3 - European History (Middle Ages to Present)
4 - Ancient and World History
5 - Geography
6 - US Literature
7 - British and Irish Literature
8 - World Literature/Language Arts
9 - Fine Arts (1/2 Visual Arts & 1/2 Music)
10 - Social Studies-Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, etc
11 - Social Studies-Government, Economics, and World Religions
12 - Mythology
13 - Biology
14 - Chemistry
15 - Physics
16 - Other Sciences (Earth Sciences, Technology, Astronomy, Math theory but no
computational math questions)

So far, this set has been used at the 22nd Annual Walton Academic Challenge in Marietta, GA which was held on October 8th.

Here's what Matt Edelstein, the coach of the Walton High School academic bowl team, had to say about this set: "The questions were well-worded and (obviously) properly researched. This was a fair, varsity-level, question set for a high school tournament held at the beginning of the season, like ours is. I also thought that the questions were balanced in terms of overall content and they absolutely followed the question writing formula that QTQ sent me."

Here is a sample toss-up:

Its minor characters include a Swedish socialist named Nicholas Schliemann and a lecherous factory boss named Phil Connor, and it was first published in serial form in the newspaper Appeal to Reason. NFTP (Now for ten points), it chronicles the plight of a family of Lithuanian immigrants led by Jurgis Rudkis, and it is set in Chicago. Name this novel by Upton Sinclair that exposed the horrors of the meatpacking industry and became the quintessential example of Muckraking.

The Jungle

Here is a sample bonus:

Answer the following questions about the European Theatre of World War II for ten points each.
A) What was the operational code name for Montgomery’s failed bid to flank the Siegfried Line by attempting to take key bridges with large numbers of paratroopers?
Ans. Operation Market Garden
B) In what the British referred to as Operation Dynamo, over 300,000 Allied soldiers were successfully evacuated from what French harbor in less than ten days in 1940?
Ans. Dunkirk
C) On what month, day, and year was D-Day?
Ans. June 6, 1944

The cost of purchasing the rights to host a tournament using the 2011-2011 High School Competition Series A questions depends on the desired geographic footprint of your event. The base price is $250.00. To protect your investment and ensure that an ample number of the teams you wish to draw to your event will be eligible to compete, you also have the option of purchasing geographical exclusivity at the rate of one dollar per radial driving mile from your location as calculated by Google Maps. This means your tournament would be the only location within the resulting area that would be allowed to host a competitive event of any kind using these questions. This ensures that none of the school districts within the resulting area will be eligible to purchase these questions for local events and no individual schools will be eligible to host invitational/open tournaments using these questions. You may draw teams to your event from outside the purchased area of exclusivity, and teams within this area could still conceivably choose to travel to another event hosted outside the purchased area. QTQ maintains a database of all the schools that compete using these questions, and we will share this list with all tournament directors to ensure that no team competes more than once using these questions regardless of purchased exclusivity.
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Re: New QTQ High School Question Set is Available

Post by Matt Weiner » Wed Oct 19, 2011 6:11 pm

Are these questions original to this set, or are they recycled from the "significant database of material" composed of prior sets used at Berry tournaments that you were "building up" over the past decade?
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Re: New QTQ High School Question Set is Available

Post by cchiego » Wed Oct 19, 2011 7:18 pm

These samples aren't encouraging.

A novel with a SOCIALIST and a FACTORY OWNER you say? And the most important clue in basically any literature TU is the author, so why does that come well before the end of the question? And what's with that weird "Now for ten points" placement in the middle of the tossup? The point of a "FTP" or whatever is to signal to the player that the question is nearing the end and shouldn't just be placed randomly.

And are there many other Month, Day, Year bonuses? What's the point of those?

It's fine to have a blurb from one person who used the questions, but if you're trying to get people nationally to buy into them it helps to have a full, open discussion of them from the participants. This is why it's useful to have forums with discussions from the players themselves that people outside of one's state can read.

Finally, I don't understand what the substantive difference is between these questions and other question sources other than the reduction in fine arts and the shortening of matches. Is there a push to make matches 16 TUs? Or is this a more philosophical change?
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Re: New QTQ High School Question Set is Available

Post by Rococo A Go Go » Wed Oct 19, 2011 7:40 pm

cchiego wrote:Is there a push to make matches 16 TUs? Or is this a more philosophical change?
If anything there should be a push to increase the number of questions in a match. A 16/16 set would probably only make sense at tournaments with a bad schedule and a bunch of terrible readers, which for all I know could be QTQ's target market.
Nick Conder
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Re: New QTQ High School Question Set is Available

Post by mlaird » Thu Oct 20, 2011 8:06 am

This is seriously another sample question? It totally went over well the first time this answer line was used on a national stage...

"It can be observed in ring-tailed lemurs, guinea pigs, and raccoons, and elephants and gorillas are known to do it while eating. Some studies have provided evidence that a rapidly dilating and constricting glottis brought about a fast twitching of the muscles in the larynx may responsible for this phenomenon. It was once believed that members of the genus Panthera could not do it, but it is now known that they can do it when they exhale. FTP, name this sound that is commonly associated with kitty cats."

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Re: New QTQ High School Question Set is Available

Post by mithokie » Thu Oct 20, 2011 12:39 pm

I'm a supporter of the free market, and I think it is fine that someone else wants in on the question market. However, I don't see anything compelling that would lead me to want to use these questions for a tournament at my school. The 16/16 format is not the standard, and I would need a really good reason to switch to that format. The format issue aside, the price seems way too high to use. The offer quotes a $250 base fee and a requirement to spend additional money to obtain any geographic exclusivity. NAQT provides exculsivity for one "state" automatically and has a much lower base price. HSAPQ questions and housewrites are available for a per team fee with no base price.
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