Announcement- UF Fall High School Tournament

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Announcement- UF Fall High School Tournament

Post by UFeng »

The University of Florida College Bowl Team is proud to announce the
UF Fall High School Tournament- below is the official
tournament announcement that will be mailed to the schools on our
mailing list (invitations are being mailed). If you think
that you are not on our mailing list, and would like to receive a
registration form, please send an e-mail to (ufcbowl at gmail dot
com) or (napier at ufl dot edu) and we will send you a copy as
soon as possible.

M. Napier


2004 University of Florida Fall High School Tournament

The University of Florida College Bowl Team would like to extend an
invitation to your school to compete in the University of Florida
Fall High School Tournament on Dec. 3rd-4th, 2004. Once again we
will have teams competing in upper and lower divisions. Players who
are freshmen or sophomores are eligible to play in Division II,
while any players may play in Division I. A team is eligible to play
in Division II if all of its players are eligible. The purpose of
Division II is to allow schools and players new to the world of
academic competition the ability to gain experience by playing other
novice teams. The two divisions will compete separately and separate
prizes will be awarded to the winners of Divisions I and II. This
year's tournament will tentatively be capped at 44 teams– 28
teams in Division I and 16 teams in Division II. As moderators and rooms
are confirmed, further teams may be able to register. Registrations
will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. We are limiting
registration to one team per school per division, i.e. a school may
register one Division I team and one Division II team if they wish.
Depending on demand, schools may be permitted additional teams after
November 3rd – indicate on your registration form if you would
like to bring an extra team in either Division and we will respond to
your requests after November 3rd.

The tournament format will tentatively consist of a divisional Round
Robin with playoffs Saturday afternoon. Check-in will be at 4:00 pm
on Friday on the second floor of the J. Wayne Reitz Union. There will
be a brief welcome meeting at 6:00 pm. Competition will begin at 6:30
pm on Friday and will last until 9:30-10:00 pm at which time we will
break for the night. A light breakfast will be provided at the Reitz
Union on Saturday morning at 8:00 am. Rounds will start around
9:00 am and will continue until approximately 4:00 pm with a break for lunch.

The registration fee will be $85.00 per team with the following
adjustments: $10.00 discount per fully functional buzzer system,
$25.00 additional if you wish to purchase a copy of all of the
rounds used in the tournament and a minimum fee of $60.00 per team.
The questions will be printed and collated for your use in future
practices. The deadline for registration is Friday, November 19th,
but space is limited and early registration is recommended.
Registration may be faxed or mailed to us. Either the actual check
or proof of purchase order is acceptable. All payment information is
on the enclosed page. For local hotel information, driving
directions, tournament rules, suggested study materials, and a
sample packet from a past tournament, please see our web page

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact Michael
Napier, Michael Swick, or Beth Waltrip at the Office of Student
Activities, (352) 392-1655, during normal business hours. Thank you
very much.

UF College Bowl
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Post by UFeng »

All teams on the waiting list have been entered into the field for UF's Fall HS tournament and registration is open for as many teams as you'd like. As of now, the field consists of:

Division I
Gufl Coast HS (2)
Westminster Christian
St. Augustine High School
Eastside High School (2)
Monteverde Academy
Wakulla High School
Rocky Bayou
Belleview High School
Niceville High School (2)
Maclay School
Rickards High School
Ft. Walton Beach High School
DeSoto County High School
Lincoln High School
Vero Beach High School (2)
Brookwood High School
Suwannee High School

Division II
Vero Beach High School
St. Augustine High School
Eastside High School
Monteverde Academy
Rocky Bayou
Niceville High School
Rickards High School
Lincoln High School
Brookwood High School
There's plenty of room left in Division I, with a few slots remaining in Division II. Email me at [email protected] if interested.

Michael Napier
Tournament Director

EDIT: Added a few teams I left off the first time.
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Post by quizbowlmike »

Brief results:
There were close to 60 teams in attendance, 16 of which were Div 2.

Div 1
1. Brookwood
2. Walton
3. Rickards

Div 2
1. Rickards B
2. Lincoln
3. Gulf Coast
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Post by jrbarry »

Notice: the only two Georgia schools entered at UF came in first and second at the university of FLORIDA tournament! :-)
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Post by NotBhan »

Not only that, but Brookwood A and Walton A had by far the highest points per game average, at least in the opening 9 rounds; I think they each averaged well over 100ppg more than the third-place team did.

--Raj Dhuwalia
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Post by jhalehvismusique »

Brookwood A and Walton did an amazing job. The final round would have been well worth watching, had my team not had to play a consolation round.

For those who are not aware, teams who attended the tournament and not, a serious error occured during the course of the tournament that was very disadvantageous to several teams, especially my team, Pensacola A. At then end of the prelims, there were 3 teams in our division with a 6-2 record, and we had all three beaten each other, so head-to-head matchups would not have mattered. Therefore, the tie-breaker for the remaining 2 spots in the playoffs came down to the points. Or at least it should have...

UF's computer program defaulted to toss-ups heard rather than points, and because of a series of typographical errors, my team was pushed out of the top playoff bracket, despite the fact that our point total was 200 and 300 points higher than the other two teams in our bracket who took the 2 playoff spots. I do not wish to name those teams, as both teams were very kind to our team in this situation, and they do not deserve to be discredited because of something that was not their faults.

UF should learn that computers are not always the most reliable things in the world, and while I understand it was (somewhat) the computer's fault, any one of the many very bright people working at the tournament should have been smart enough to check the list before creating playoff brackets.

Not only did my team, consisting of 3 seniors, not have the chance to compete for the top 15 places because of this error, but 3 other teams were demeaned by our team because we had to compete against them for 16th place, and we beat them all by a margins of 300-400 points.

College tournaments as large and respected as UF should not have allowed such a situation to take place. I do, though, appreciate the help and sympathy of several of the UF players in trying to fix and compensate us for this situation.

All in all, I did feel that this was a very positive tournament experience for my team and I, despite this situation. But I felt that people on this board should be aware of this occurence, as, in all likelihood, UF players will never mention the injustice that happened.
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Post by quizbowlmike »

We are all extremely sorry about that. I was waiting for Napier to put up some official results somewhere because what I posted is about all I know about the final results in Div 1, since I was over in Div 2. I would only hope that he would make some mention of the unfortunate error in his write-up. Even then, I'm sure that wont make up for the injustice done to the Pensacola team.

This tournament was definately a learning experience for everyone involved in running it. I really hope this doesn't discourage anyone from coming to future UF tournaments. I believe, but I wont swear to this, that someone else will be running the spring tournament. Also the questions will be provided by NAQT, so any problems that may have occured as a result of the question content should be taken care of.

I can only hope that this will drive the Pensacola team to work even harder on being the best, so in the future they wont be anywhere near the borderline for the cut off. Also, pointing out that our spring tournament will be the state championship for Florida, Brookwood and Walton will not be in attendance. It looks like the top spot is wide open for who ever wants to claim it.

And, as long as I'm appologizing for the problems at the UF tournament, I'd like to appologize for the delay following the first round of day two. That was entirely my fault. I grabbed the wrong round from the readers room, and we didnt have other rounds to skip to over in Turlington so someone had to run over to the Union, find another round to substitute in and run that round back over to us. Sorry to everyone in Div 2, I tried to go around and appologize in person to everyone for that, but if I didnt make it around to your team, I'm sorry.

I was thinking, and I havent talked to anyone else on this idea, but maybe we could start giving out a sportsmanship award at our tournaments and name it something along the lines of the Pensacola Sportsmanship Award or the Thank You For Putting Up With Our Ignorance Pensacola Award. I'm sure someone can come up with a much better name.

Anyways, sorry.


P.S. Due to a request, my views are in no way represent those of the UF College Bowl team. And I misunderstood someone in regards to who will be running the spring tournament, I guess they were refering to next fall's tournament and not the "next" tournament.
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My views in no way represent those of the UF College Bowl team. (by request)
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Post by UFeng »

First of all, congratulations to Brookwood and Rickards on winning their respective Divisions. I'll post a write up on this board in the next few days with full standings and dealing with the playoff brackets. The previous post by Doug though is in no way an official statement from the UF team- I will be running the Spring tournament.

I do agree that this was a learning experience, hopefully in the future my advice on reading the correct round will heeded. I do apologize for Division II's delay due to the unfortunate incident there. To top off that problem, our printer went on the fritz which didn't help in getting the replacement questions and putting out the playoff brackets